Comic Book Review: Midnighter #12


Midnighter #12With Midnighter #12 comes the finale of this series. As a comic reader I just love a great comic, and that is what this was. Never mind Mindnighter’s sexual orientation, that is a part of who he is. You can label him, but no one likes to be put in a corner. From the character writing, to the story development, to the stunning artwork, this represents everything DC was trying to achieve with their DCYou Initiative and should continue to do so with Rebirth. This overall was different, and this creative team proves that different is not bad at all

Like most powerful things Amanda tries to manipulate in her favor, things just don’t go the way she plans in the end. This situation being no different when The Unified is going around killing civilians. The people she is supposed to protect along with taking on military/government threats. You saw this coming, but the execution nonetheless was great for the escalation of events that calls for all hands on deck. Again Midnighter represents something from the DC Universe that right now only it and Suicide Squad can achieve, and that is electrifying action. When these different forces were crossing paths, you just knew that something like this may be the end result. Not the team-ups, betrayals, or players involved, but this right there that we got which kept you at the edge of your seat till the very end. Entertainment value at it’s finest.

What I called for was Waller realizing she may have made a mistake, Apollo showing them what a real God looks like, heck even maybe Deadshot making a bold move on his own accord. To that extent I’m glad there was no disappointment. Waller really stood her ground showing that just because she doesn’t have powers, she’s not someone to cross. Apollo really did show what a god looks like from his ability to know how to fight someone just like him. Everything was on the line here when a monster and army of one stand against all that these opposing forces fight for.

You can tell that the art team had a blast with this final issue. It looked like something out of a blockbuster movie, the climax of one to be specific. What I loved most here was the fight between Apollo, Midnighter, and The Unified. This guy isn’t like any other person these two have taken on up to this point. It was a tough pill to swallow seeing what this monster was able to push through to keep fighting, but it was the most thrilling way to show why two like Apollo and Midnighter aren’t any easier to beat because they are duplicated. If anything that just makes it easier to find a weak point, and boy did they every exploit that. The big selling point on this issue was to see if their combined strength would be enough to stop a being as powerful as Superman and as intelligent as Midnighter and this was the most memorable scene they could create for this last stretch of the series. Overall the issue looked great because unlike previous issues it was harder than issue to really decipher who was handling what despite the issue actually taking note of that. That is great for making sure readers aren’t taken out of the story. You wish more artists could be this unified as an art team. And that is including Romulo Fajardo’s strong colors which both matches and blends both styles.

Midnighter #12 was a marvelous ending to a series you would have to be crazy to have missed. The action, the humor, the everything you got from this series that you don’t from all the rest from DC at this time. Not to mention the team-up with Spyral and Suicide Squad. This is how you do comics.

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