Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11 took us into the thick of this mysterious new Ranger and the world where he comes from. Sure it was obvious who he was, but the devils is in the details. We have to get into what goes through the mind of this Ranger that his world could look like the complete opposite of our Rangers. Not to mention what it means for our Tommy to run into the dagger of the White Ranger. Oh the possibilities.

When confronting this other world Tommy, the biggest question is what he would be willing to do to our Tommy and Billy that he hasn’t already done to their counterparts. Luckily they cut straight to the chase which solidified the danger that these two face as long as they are still stranded here. While this didn’t bare much fruit to help us understand the current situation, it was the foundation from which we could begin to. For a saber, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as its own character. For as serious as the situation is he adds a little humor that you don’t find distracting. The saber has obviously been in defiance of its Tommy for some time and the tension between the two says a lot about the difference in these worlds. In contrast to Evil Tommy I guess it did make sense that it was the saber who opened us up to the truth behind what they have gotten themselves into.

The story I have to say was well writing and executed. It wasn’t simply about inverting the things we knew about our world, this creative team took things a step further to create a scenario larger than life. One that you could only really accomplish through the medium of comics. Again one of the main reasons to appreciate what the books can do that the tv show can’t. Well I’d say movies as well, but you already see where that one strays into its own thing.

Back on our Earth it was sad to see the fallout of Billy and Tommy going missing, but again these are the real world consequences which I am glad the comic takes liberties to address. There is a struggle between being a Power Ranger and a regular teen. Questions will be asked when they go missing too often and parents will worry when they simply don’t come back at all. That is how it goes which luckily this creative team creates the room to establish.

The only thing that was a bit predictable was Rita’s actions following her win against the Power Rangers. There’s always something she does where you can see how she will inevitably fail. This was no exception when her ambition leads her to say some things that strike you as a “You shouldn’t have said that” kind of moment.

I’ve probably said this before, but this is one of the best issues of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers visually. The art team just keeps impressing you with what they are able to create through a world with little limitations. That fight with Black Dragon was cool enough for all the Zords having their go at it, but that felt like only a taste when we jumped into the story of how this other Earth came to be the way it is now. This is how you do a lot and do it right. We’ve seen our fair share of massive Ranger wars on tv, though none can compare with what breaks loose here. There were some familiar Rangers, there was some unique villains, and when they clashed it looked like an actual war. Matt Herms does so well for this issue capturing the shifting tones. Strong use of whites, skillful use of warm colors for the scene of battle, and the contrast of lights and darks to distinguish the two Earth’s. The effect of dust was perfect for not only the setting, but making sure that with so much going on nothing was clashing. That aside if there’s one thing I do like most about a story like this, it is when the artists can take an inanimate object and bring it to life. It could have been very awkward for Billy and Tommy to stand there talking to a sword, but they pulled it off quite nicely.

Tommy and Billy do uncover the truth that will change everything, but only really about this Earth they are stuck on. Nonetheless Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12 keeps us on track between these new developments and progressing with a world that is falling into despair without the full power of the Power Rangers at their disposal.

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