Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13


There have been some interesting developments while progressing with a world that is falling into despair without the full power of the Power Rangers at their disposal. Whether you’re these two or the rest of the Power Rangers back on their Earth, everyone is in a period of picking themselves back up for what’s to come when Rita makes her next move. I’m actually surprised how long this has gone on which again is great because with the comics there is no rush to wrap a story up.

This adventure of Billy and Tommy really grabs you because you aren’t quite sure as to where this will all lead. The endgame is for these two to make their way back to their Earth, but the odds are against them. Especially now that they are forced to have to prove themselves to be who they are to the only force that can get them home. Though that isn’t what pulls you into this part of their story. No matter what was revealed in the issue before, there were still big questions to answer that up till this point was left to our imagination. Patience is always key in my book when we got one of those questions answered. It wasn’t a big reveal, yet subtle as it probably should have been. We run into some familiar faces that add more clarity to the situation. The kind I think which wraps up the need to know for us to jump into the worst case scenario for everyone on this Earth.

For the rest of the Rangers, things are a bit toned down with them trying to figure out some way to come back. This has been a slow burn for sure though as I’ve pointed out since the first issue there is importance in focusing on the people behind the mask. They all have different ways in handling what’s going on and more than that you simply see them talking to each other as friends who have to pick themselves up.

The focus on the villains throughout I found enjoyable. Villains I won’t always say need to be fleshed out, but in the world of the Power Rangers that is a treat because it means that they really care about who we are dealing with. Through Rita’s parts we see her thinking outside of the box which can go either way. Some things about her plan can be seen with flaws, though at the same time the execution is on point when for once they are all using their heads. Then you have Drakkon who further draws that line with what makes him so different from our Tommy. A tough pill to swallow seeing the way he rules this world but you have to get into the little things he does that makes him someone to fear.

With this issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the artwork for the mot part was consistent in quality. It was the little things that stood out which caught your attention. First of all, after a good amount of time had passed I liked how they stuck to the Rangers still working off the Green Ranger powers. I saw the cover and was just a bit confused because it was that easy to already forget, so it was smart that they were quick to get back to those little things which remind us of what happened in the fight before. Though like a number of other parts throughout this issue, this gave opportunity to the art team to focus more on the Rangers outside of their suits. That is where you get the most out of them through their facial expressions and body language. Now Tommy and Billy running into these other familiar faces, I liked how they captured the varying reactions to their presence. That made all the difference in emphasizing that they don’t belong on this world. Aside from this they continued pushing boundaries in what new and creative we could get out of this other world. The way Drakkon uses the power grid is unique and nothing like the way our Rangers do. They are really having fun with how differently the villains can work in comparison to the show.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13 took big steps to get us where we need to be when the time for talking ends and it is time to tack action. Things will definitely get worse before they get better, but it is facing adversity when the Power Rangers truly rise to the occasion.

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