Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #14


After watching the Power Rangers Movie, and then reading the Aftershock GN, you don’t know how hyped I was looking forward to the next issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It felt like they re-energized my excitement for this series, and it was already pretty high. Like I’ve tried to point out, the way people look at Power Rangers now is cool because they are seeing the potential this world has that you only have to take liberties to explore.

This issue takes a different approach to opening up through one of the areas that I was saying was moving just a tad slow. The team on Earth finally make a move, though while we know what’s in store for them, they don’t. I do like these kinds of situations because the build up of suspense is great. Then when you top it off with the fact that these Rangers already have their backs against the wall and that makes for a big moment of reveal to look forward to. What they face is the worst case scenario on Earth considering the odds have not been in their favor for quite some time. Like I pointed out previously, this is a great time for Rita to really stand out as a villain. Not everyday when she will make it this far in her schemes to put the Rangers in a corner the way she has currently.

The sense of urgency on this other Earth to fight back against Lord Drakkon’s assault was every bit as tense as you would have imagined it to be. For this kind of resistance you could only see struggle in their future if they ever came under attack. There was a lot of thinking outside of the box here and that kept things interesting. Here we were further journeying into the strength of a Ranger without their power or their zords.

That aside, the resolve of all these Rangers regardless of their world was the perfect driving force for these conflicts. This book continues to keep pushing what you can do with them that the show doesn’t. Much more that you can do when you allow them room to think on their feet on a moments notice to pull off some unconventional feats. This also includes the situations they can be put into which at a point you do expect to get a little gritty. I mean at the end of the day they deserve that hero treatment where you’re not only getting the clean finish, but also the things that remind you of how dangerous it can be to play hero. If that means some crushing defeats at the hands of Rita and company, then that’s just the way things will go.

War breaks loose all across the board this issue and I have to say that is where this art team is at their best. Nothing is ever that straightforward in the way they flesh out this world whether it is the way these Rangers spring into action, the scope of the battles, or the enemies they face. I want to start with the enemies this time around because I loved the creativity and quality that went into all of them. When it came to the army of Goldars, the uniformity was perfect. You could see the difference immediately when these clones made their move. There was that anger and ferocity which the real Goldar tends to lack. Much more animalistic in the way they move as well. Now other the other world, the creativeness that went into Lord Drakkon’s army blows you away. Each of these different colors had attire and weapons that really matched their position. So far I love most the design for the Red Rangers and the Pink who I find it so fitting having the hoods and snipers. Getting back to the war aspect of this, there was always so much going on that gave you something to look at with each flip of the page. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers clearly won’t always be this action-packed, but for right now it keeps you at the edge of your seat as if you were reading an event book from any other superhero universe.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #14 was anything goes and right now there is no telling how this will end. Normally for a Power Rangers story you could see the end coming a mile away, but this had a lot of thought put into it where even if the Rangers succeeded there was no clear-cut way to say how.

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