Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15


Its not hard to imagine that at this point we would have another special issue for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. We may be on issue #15, but a lot has happened in such a short amount of time and there is still much more that must be addressed. One of those things of course being what happened to Zordon. I think we all would like to know what happened to him once Rita brought the Command Center crumbling down.

Off the bat this issue had me hooked because Kyle Higgins continues to draw you in with those things the comics are willing to get into that the show would not. Zordon is a shroud of mystery. Some things you understand about his situation, though most things you roll with even if it doesn’t really make as much sense as it should. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15 nails capturing Zordon in a different light where he actually feels relevant to what is going on currently. I would have never thought about the way Zordon exists in this world unless described to me the way it was now. This isn’t to say this is one of those things where you need things to be explained or be logical, but depth comes a long way in exploring the depths to this universe as a whole. Something we don’t get into enough are the things that reach beyond normal.

So with that explanation, it was easy to see where Zordon could have been all this time and how he could be the key to better understanding what is going on currently. It was a tough pill to swallow looking at things from his perspective. What we know of this other world paled in comparison to what was now witnessed as anything that could have gone wrong did. How Zordon connects to what’s going on with this alternate world wasn’t something you could have guessed. Nothing too direct or significant, but enough influence that the pieces do begin to fall into place where developments back then could have seemed too convenient.

More than anything else this was the character development which Zordon himself has always been neglected of. It is not every day when you can take a step back and see what makes him tick during times like this. There was a statement made about why Zordon is as pure of a being as he is and why he can’t be anything less.

Guest artist Daniel Bayliss I found myself looking forward to. I’ve read Kennel Block Blues and this is someone worth having around if just for one issue. With issues like this you definitely want to go for an artist who has a unique style to offer. When dealing with Zordon it helps when looking for an approach less grounded. Bayliss got very cosmic which fits a world from Zordon’s perspective. What I loved most was the layout of the panels. Nothing keeps your eyes engaged more than panel borders which can weave and connect in ways beyond simple shapes. The colors grabbed my attention most as if felt like we were stepping into a new world. You have the real world, the alternate world, and then you have everything else in-between which is where Zordon exists. I will admit the colors don’t quite reflect the existence outside of time, though it does capture all that is cool about stepping out of a setting we are all too familiar with.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #15 was the issue we have been needing for a character like Zordon which we all do tend to cast off to the side in favor of everyone else. He has importance and this creative team did a great job of tying Zordon to the bigger picture as there was still plenty of story to tell about this other world and Drakkon.

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