Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual #1


It’s wild to think we could ever experience a Power Rangers story where every Power Ranger team exists at once. No matter how you twist it, a story one this scale with always be ambitious. Meaning that there is a lot you have to deliver on aside from just a solid main story and action. This annual satisfies the need to see how five other Power Ranger teams deal with this fracture and the target that is now on their backs.

Power Rangers: Zeo This one was a heartwarming refresher in what this team became once they moved on from Mighty Morphin and the roster changed a bit. Particularly it was the moment shared between Jason and Tommy that grabs you most because of what Jason was able to express in terms of how far Tommy has come since he was first introduced as a villain. That is of course until the reveal of what we were only seeing on the surface. Its pretty crazy how Lord Drakkon has really begun thinking outside the box in how he approaches these different Ranger teams. He found the one way to hurt these Rangers worst, and did so without thinking twice. His last act in this story was brutal yet again what we needed to see in order to understand what is at stake. So with that said, Zeo was perfect for the way it set the tone for the rest of the stories to follow.

Power Rangers: SPD This Power Ranger team was one that I was not quite familiar with. There was some memory of this one, though not as strong as the teams that came before. Surely enough if you are older, then there is a point where you would have moved on from Power Rangers once they started going futuristic, in space, and what not. That said, the danger that this team faced was very different considering Lord Drakkon’s actions were more direct. In this story you could see that where he held back with the Zeo Rangers clearly was only due to familiarity. Knowing none of these other Rangers seems to give Drakkon more room to let loose without conscience. How this team fought back was impressive for what was an uphill battle. I’m glad that not all of these encounter would be straightforward.

Power Rangers: RPM While SPD  was but a faint memory, RPM was unfamiliar as a whole. I’m sure we all would have wanted nothing but those which were well-known, but it didn’t hurt to throw one in that is a little more out there. Regardless, I couldn’t really find myself invested in the Rangers themselves. What I could see holding my attention was what made this team of Rangers different and what kind of threat from Lord Drakkon they had to look forward to. That did not disappoint when it came to who Drakkon confronted and how he misjudges others being able to see things from his perspective. They did right by drawing a line in the sand between Drakkon and those who may have come close to him.

Power Rangers: In Space If I were being honest, I do believe it was the emergence of this Power Rangers team when I began losing my interest in the live-action Power Rangers shows. That was when you could tell that they were reaching for any theme possible to keep things going. That aside, for this story, it wasn’t like the others. This team didn’t have cohesion, teamwork, or anyone favorable who stood out. It also did not appeal to me all too much when they refer to the position of leadership as the person who is red. I’ve always found that a cringeworthy concept in the Power Rangers universe. My reaction to all of this was probably the same as Lord Drakkon’s, which made it hard to feel any sort of sympathy in contrast to others who have already crossed paths with him.

Power Rangers: Ninja Steel Things we very different compared to the other four stories. For Ninja Steel, they were already in a tough situation before the appearance of Lord Drakkon. The concept of these Rangers was a bit lost, though there’s not too much you can do given the short time to tell each story. So with that said, the appeal lied with how this team confronted Lord Drakkon. Things didn’t go how you would have imagined given the advantage he was given over this team, but it was what came after which stood out. Mainly because this was the first team that one of these creative teams actually set-up the possibility of a second run-in.

Overall, the choices for this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual #1 may have been a bit spotty, but the message stayed the same that no one is safe now that Lord Drakkon has the ability to travel to any Rangers’ world. Every encounter was different, and no team was left the same way they were before meeting Lord Drakkon.

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