Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #21


The secret history of the true original Power Rangers was a surprising twist that you couldn’t have seen coming a few issues back. The issue before was great for the time given to understand what brought about that team that we are only recently aware of, and what happened to them to make it so. It was heartbreaking despite the intrigue. You wanted to know the worst that can happen as a Ranger unprepared for action, and that was your answer.

With Grace’s story told, all that was left was the reactions from the team. Off the bat it was easy to understand why this truth would divide the Mighty Morphin team. This is a big time for the Rangers as they try to figure out how to move forward. They’ve won a big battle recently, but they took some heavy losses along the way. A number of which possibly could have been avoided if they had more understanding of the situations they were put into. I admit that for even myself, numerous times I have had to ask myself why anyone chooses to trust Zordon. It goes without saying that Zordon is not the kind of guy who will put all the cards on the table. Only tell you what he thinks you want and need to hear for the greater good. This divide wasn’t entirely strong in contrast to everything else going on in this issue, though I suspect that it is only a taste of what will happen once Zordon is confronted.

With that said, this was the perfect opportunity to explore what Promethea is. As far as world-building goes, this is one of my favorite developments for the book so far. A world where superheroes like the Power Rangers existing is cool, but what is also cool is knowing that there are forces out there working towards the same goal, but at a different speed. Promethea was impressive for something started up by someone who was once a Ranger. Most will move on to reintegrate with society and grow up, but some of them like Grace will take bold steps forward to show that you don’t need the powers to make a difference.

It was good to also see that this wasn’t distracting us from the big problem that is Finster’s grand scheme set into motion. Out of all the villains so far, he has made the biggest impact on his own. This may not be an end all plan, but this is definitely of the variety that would stir chaos consistently until stopped. This new creation that popped up was just as creative as those before. Actually while creative, equally as creepy as well.

I was caught off guard by the fact that this is the first actual issue where we don’t have the same art team. I was a bit heartbroken at first because Hendry Prasetya was the best artist you could ask for to take on this action-packed story, but Jonas Scharf proved capable of delivering the same quality of work. Some things you could notice different about Scharf’s style, but for the most part got as close as possible to avoid the distraction. Like I said above, the monster was creative, the new zord was pretty badass, and the action was both fluent and fast-paced. The same could be said for the colors as well. Joana Lafuente stuck to the same color scheme as what we had before. Her color choice had range to it, not too strong, but also had plenty of depth to it for the artwork to pop. Personally liked the distinct color they chose for this creation of Finster. It added to how bizzare this thing was altogether.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #21 turned into an excellent transition into what must be done for these Rangers to get themselves together. They’ve been directionless, and understanding that there was a team before them didn’t help when the truth didn’t come from Zordon himself. This issue gave us a new ally that we will hopefully see more of down the road and that will be needed when tensions are running high.

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