Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23


There has been much to enjoy about this story arc so far. The Rangers have gone through the ringer to figure out things that hold them back about Zordon, about each other, about the responsibility that weighs heavier than some will let on. When there isn’t action, these are the times when the Rangers need that room to make sure they’re moving in the right direction.

With that said, the fun right now is still in what is so unpredictable about Finster’s creations. The way he has stepped up as a villain has been exciting for the brand of terror he has offered so far. Monsters who can spring up at any moment, who have personalities of their own, and powers that create quite the challenge. This one in particular that we jump into encountering had personality going for it more than the others. It was almost comical to a point which was a big contrast. Still deadly, but humorous for the things this one spewed that is so anchored to the world around them. How they beat this creation was the best part of the encounter because it took some serious thinking outside of the box. I hope I speak for most when I say that it is appreciated to see that not every battle can be won with some flashy attack or brute force.

Now the Promethea angle has consistently been engaging for the way they involve themselves in matters of fighting the good fight. For as much good as they do, there is plenty about them that we still don’t know. Especially when it comes to that ominous conversation Grace has near the end of the previous issue. The Rangers discovering just how far their new allies are willing to go against Rita was surprising, if not only because the situation is debatable. Probably a good thing too. When we get to that point, the measures Grace and Promethea would take to stay ahead of the game are extreme, but not as bad as you would think. This is definitely a case of differences towards keeping people safe, and that was bound to happen with anyone who took up trying to save the world alongside the Power Rangers. With that said, her other secret? That is likely where you part ways with agreement on her methods. Whatever discussion will be had about that, will be worth waiting for.

Getting back to Rita, it was interesting to understand just how much time had passed since the last time she was home or sitting on her throne plotting the next move against the Rangers. Personally I enjoy any scene where you see her actively using magic and spells. Needless to say that where most will drop the ball with Rita is not taking advantage of the fact that she is a sorceress. When your thing is magic, you should actually do magic.

Jonas Scharf and Joana Lafuente continue doing good work for the interior art. So far I would say that this Finster creation was the most visually appealing encounter. You expect some of these encounters to get a bit ridiculous and this one takes the cake for the design of the creation and what it does. The appearance was right on the nose when it came to the randomness this thing spewed looking like a sheep. Like I stated above, it was cool to see the Rangers take on different ways of fighting. How they beat this creation was thinking outside the box, and again humorous. This was another issue where you could also appreciate the work that goes into the settings as well. There was a few panels where I was impressed by the detail that goes into rendering the world around these characters. That aside, the color work was solid for how consistent the strength was for the most part. Lafuente used bolder colors to capture the more extraordinary actions which makes a big difference in signifying. With that said, the glow coming off of the Rangers at the start was interesting. It was there one minute and gone the next. To do that I would have kept it constant.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23 shakes things up in a big way. Rita is cooking up some plot on her own, and Grace has unfortunately created her own problems by trying to working with the Rangers. No matter who the Rangers deal with first, they are going to have their hands full. I enjoy that this story and these plots are taking their time to unfold. Everything matters leading up to that next big problem.

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