Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26


With the threat established through Drakkon’s actions and beyond, sense of urgency putting everyone on high alert, and the world still turning for the Rangers who still have lives to live, Shattered Grid so far is off to a good start after the events of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25. BOOM! has struck gold with the first issue of an event crossover that actually sold-out twice. Its one thing if we were on issue #1, but here we are at issue #26 and they have accomplished a lot through the Power Rangers franchise.

Now that Lord Drakkon has been freed from the grasp of Promethea, there’s much more that we are being exposed to about his mindset and world. For this issue it was mostly Drakkon’s world that we have the opportunity to jump back into. It is still cool that a villain like him could amass such an army through just the use of the power grid for himself. A bit more shocking when discovering who he truly calls an ally.

That aside, the deteriorating condition of Tommy was intense. It is also not often that a Ranger will be put out of commission the way that he was. I mean the cover to this issue pretty much told us what we needed to brace ourselves for. It only didn’t help us brace ourselves for the worst that would happen in the moments to come. This was their time to put up about no ranger being safe and they nailed the execution in making that statement. The emotional impact hit hard. If there’s one thing I admire about these comics, it is the chance to explore certain aspects of being a Power Ranger that the shows are too cautious about diving into. Particularly when it comes to what follows when a light is lost. Everyone grieves, but how do you actually walk away from something that didn’t happen the way everyone else believes it to?

The start to Shattered Grid was serious enough, but this right here set the tone for what is still to come since the event has only started. While some readers will drop their jaws unable to grasp what just happened, the best way to shake up a story like this is to step outside of what is predictable. If that means someone has to be made an example out of? That’s just what you have to do. Having the introduction of the Time Force Pink Ranger cleared a lot of things up that couldn’t have been explained better under different circumstances. Jen was a great buffer overall since the experience is completely new for these rangers and us for the comic franchise.Also for those who didn’t really follow Time Force, she was perfect for cutting to the chase about the rules of time travel in this universe. Pretty much what you would expect, but the rules have to be set nonetheless for those who see this as a free-roam ability.

The artwork for this issue saw some consistency and improvement throughout. Expressions matter with heavy developments rolling in early. These rangers have had a lot to deal with in a short amount of time and Daniele Di Nicuolo nailed the execution even if I feel like there could be more detail in the face. The best work that both Nicuolo and Walter Baiamonte produce is when they are rendering these characters in their suits. Whether it is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Time Force Ranger, Lord Drakkon and company, or the new Rangers they cross paths with, more quality was seen when they were all powered up and in action. Particularly Lord Drakkon and his army. That is where the true creativity lies when they have so many resources and difference in the way they take advantage of the morphin grid.

Morphin Power Rangers #26 took big leaps forward for the second chapter to this crossover event. Momentum seems to be what they are pushing for and its working. We are moving from A to B and they are pulling no punches in what is at stake every moment that they aren’t putting a stop to Lord Drakkon’s crusade.

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