Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27


Every time I read that Power Rangers: Shattered Grid has sold out, I’m never too surprised. I find myself excited with that kind of news when this crossover event is living up to expectation so far. Memorable appearances from familiar and unfamiliar Power Ranger teams, unique experiences for them as well, and Lord Drakkon is a bold villain who is not afraid to cross a line for power. With each issue that he isn’t stopped, it will take that much more for all of these teams to bring him down in the end.

Pacing and momentum are this creative team’s best friend and they have been working it very well so far. While this crossover event ran he risk of having too much going on, this issue had thrust these Rangers into the next big thing to deal with. Especially when Lord Drakkon’s conquest is taking him from one team to the next, and not everything we are going to see in the pages. In fact, I enjoyed the few pages they took to capture many more invasions taking place at the same time. With that said, the escalation of this situation made a big difference when there are still too many teams out there for one army to simply conquer a few at a time. As a villain in the Power Rangers universe, Lord Drakkon has taken leaps forward compared to most when he never fails to take advantage of what advantages the power grid offers him, and the things he can take advantage of from other Rangers. His big move made the statement that there is strength in being quick and decisive. His resources are quite terrifying considering

It was also appreciated the little time that we could still get to explore the mindset of Lord Drakkon. He may not be like any other Tommy out there, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that bother him about being another version of these other Tommy who achieved things he could not.

As that point where you expect more action than reaction, the events of this issue satisfied when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers put themselves out there to connect with these new allies from across time and dimensions. The alert that the Rangers got next raised the stakes in a big way since that was the time for them to get out of the box that they put themselves into. Playing catch-up could only get them so far, so finally beginning to understand the game made them stand out compared to other teams that aren’t prepared for the war coming to them. That said, some of them had some genuine interactions that they wouldn’t have been able to have under different circumstances. Jason having someone who could grasp what he was going through was perfect considering the loss of Tommy had a huge effect on his mental state. The experience of being back in Lord Drakkon’s world was refreshing as well. It would ave been disappointing not to see what came of the resistance after last we saw them.

There was great consistency from the art team this issue. A step up as well when there was much more that they were able to toy with when these Rangers are finally breaking off into the other dimensions and points in time. Like I said above, the best work was from the few pages capturing the invasions spread across multiple times/dimensions at the same time. That is how you strike that balance between action and pacing. Some teams we saw before, while others were new additions to the war. I’m for the most part impressed that with so much going on in this issue, they never lost quality over quantity. It never hurts having artists who are able to fully render scenes when everything matters in fully engaging readers. That aside, I would say that some of the lightning can be toned down in some areas. Some of the appeal of Power Rangers is the varying colors, and when you are dealing with a bunch of different rangers, there should be clear distinction. Particularly when you want readers who aren’t familiar with all the teams to avoid that feeling of being lost.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27 continues to crank that dial as this once in a lifetime war for the power grid progresses. Currently I think we can guess the direction that this story will take as the need for numbers and a proper gear increases, but that doesn’t mean everything will be so straightforward either.

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