Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #28


A real war is when both sides know the game and can be seen as formidable. The events of the issue before change the game in a big way when the Rangers are finally ready to take action, rather than be reactive. That means being the bold team that goes out there to begin the actual crossing over. Playing catch-up could only get them so far, so finally beginning to understand the game made the Mighty Morphin stand out compared to other teams that aren’t prepared for the war coming to them.

The two Pink Rangers together was an interesting pairing, just like the two Red Rangers together as well. While some might avoid that kind of interaction, it makes sense that you would want to similar Rangers sharing the same mission for the sake of creating contrast in versions. This is a big experience for one like Kimberly who like the rest of the Mighty Morphin are only now coming to terms with the fact that they are just the beginning of a long line of Rangers who they pass the torch to. Seeing that their works spans so far that there is a team that deals in time travel wasn’t something you brush off so easily. That is what made the conversation between Kim and Jen so engaging. Not to mention, there would of course be the continuation of the argument about some things staying as they are per the rules of time travel.

Crossing paths with the Galaxy Rangers, having Jen around proved to be a great source guide. When you have a Ranger who knows all history, there’s not too much questioning in what they encounter aside from Lord Drakkon and his forces.

As for Lauren and Jason on Corinth, jumping back into that battle was exciting because they were quick to run into trouble on their end. The problem they faced here was with the reason they came to Corinth. The obstacle they faced was both expected and unexpected when much of what Lord Drakkon has done uproots some Rangers who have their own problems to deal with. It only added to the intensity of this situation when it is at this point that we could see how Lord Drakkon’s forces were evolving with every victory. What he threw at them here catches you off guard because he has quickly made this power his own, and in such a unique way. That right there was a real war unfolding since it took all hands on deck to ensure survival.

In the alternate future, there was more suspense and fear built up from the task they were assigned. No matter what plan or ally they had, this was walking into the lion’s den. Particularly when considering the fact that Lord Drakkon has amassed a lot of power in a short amount of time. Everything came down to execution, and you were just waiting for that one moment where they might or will get caught. It wasn’t too shocking to see how things turned out on this end, but at the end of the day there is no thrill without a risk taken.

Daniele Di Nicuolo, Simona Di Gianfelice, and Walter Baiamonte did a spectacular job for this issue. Everything about their work on the interior artwork was stunning because they were breaking new ground in things we have never seen before in the universe of the Power Rangers. The way that these Rangers interact, the way that Lord Drakkon has made the power he stole his own. He created some soldiers that looked badass and unique. And that is not even acknowledging how much better his suit has looked since his upgrade in power as well. It was most impressive how this is another action-packed issue and they had no problem between handling so much going on at the same time, no problem with uniformity either. They struck a perfect balance between quality and quantity which is all you can ask for with work on this scale. I also did like the improvement on colors when it came to the battle on Corinth. Before I had a problem with Rangers being distinguished because of the light source, but that has been corrected. Things like that can easily hurt the experience or engagement.

More players enter the fight, the tides continue shifting, and tensions run high with so much at stake. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #28 takes everything you were prepared for and throws it right out the window. In war you expect the unexpected and Lord Drakkon did not disappoint there. I never thought he could truly be that much of a threat, but he has proven me wrong. And he has without a doubt done so with the Rangers as well.

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