Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29


Lord Drakkon at this point has proven to be the most terrifying villain in the Power Rangers universe thus far. No one has challenged the Power Ranger enough to need so many different teams joining up from various points in time and space. And definitely not enough to force all rangers into the fight of their lives to preserve the Morphin Grid. Right now, this ongoing battle is shaping up to be one of the most crucial of the crossover event when the rangers are finally able to mount a counterstrike with a better understanding of what’s going on.

With all these different rangers in the same room, the story is shaken up in a big way. I enjoy this point we have reached in the crossover because there is little room for winging it or anyone playing lonewolf. Now was the time for everyone to gather and share what they know about the situation, place the stakes on what damage is being done, and overall to put everyone on the same page about the bigger picture. Easily there could be some readers out there who might roll their eyes at the talking, but that is something you should come to expect, rather than everyone shooting into the wind and hoping for the best. These allies having the moment to take a step back and talk to each other revealed so much about the way they have influenced one another and how everything they do in some way matters to where the Power Rangers continue to evolve with each new generation. It’s good to show what happens when you can toss the rules out and they can all speak freely without caring about who they tell what to and how that might affect things.

The sentimental moments here were what I found to be the most memorable. I can wait for the action to come later, but moments like this you aren’t going to get anywhere else. The ones where Rangers can embrace one another, to sympathize with the weight of loss and responsibility. Then came the thrill in what it means to see that what you think is a simple timeline of rangers, just so happens to be something on an unfathomable scale.

As for Lord Drakkon, it was a big deal to see his reaction towards his recent setback. I believe that right now they have made a statement that he is too far gone for redemption when consistently he proves that there is no line he won’t cross to maintain his rule and assert his authority. Knowing that this is a crossover event, it made a difference to finally see a connection to Go Go Power Rangers. If you read the most recent issue of that series, then it was a treat to understand how these points in time are lining up.

It goes without saying that there was some indirect messages being sent to us through the appearance of Lord Drakkon. Details matter and it seems someone was trying to tell us that not everything is as it seems for this villain as he amasses more power. There will be a consequence to him whether that is correct to assume or not.

For this issue, it was a number of small things that stood out through the interior artwork since there was nothing major which unfolded this time around. The first thing of course was as I stated above dealing with Lord Drakkon and the toll this is all taking on him. There was also the more detailed look at his new costumes which is easily the most badass of anyone who would call themselves a ranger. Daniele Di Nicuolo overall nailed the emotional expression from these characters throughout the issue. It started with Drakkon, and then shifted to the other rangers who were going through a lot of things all at once. The tears, excitement, understanding, it all made the situation feel more real than it did before. Especially the stunning lightshow created when the call was finally answered. That last panel (from the review copy perspective) was probably the most memorable scene for what I would call a cosmic beauty.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 was one of the most engaging issues of the Shattered Grid story. Power Rangers will always go from one fight to the next, but it is what happens inbetween like this which makes it all worth investing in.

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