Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30


How this creative team has challenged the Power Rangers so far has made Shattered Grid a story we could never forget. The unparalleled power of Lord Drakkon real knocks you at the edge of your seat when he is such a clever villain for his ability to expose every weakness in being a Power Ranger.

The opening scene for this issue was quite the shocker. The one thing you have to continue loving about the comic series for Power Rangers is that they are more daring. The very things you wouldn’t have expected from the Power Rangers or their enemies have somehow happened through the events of these past thirty issues. Not that I’m arguing because these are dire times when you have a villain so hell-bent on obtaining the power of the power grid for himself. At the cost of everything around him as well. So who Zordon and  the commander turned to for help changed everything. I was actually thrilled because this seemed like the best time to pull the “Enemy of my enemy” card. With that said, what this team-up led to was a point of interest since their method of taking down Lord Drakkon wasn’t as direct as the rest of the Rangers who were out on the frontlines. It wasn’t direct, and of course it wasn’t exactly according to plan.

Like the issue before, I also enjoyed how they have further pushed the interactions between these Rangers. With so many together in the same place, that opened the floor to new encounters from the usual. While it was all quick words to one another, it was still cool nonetheless to see what happens when you put together those who are brilliant, well-equipped, and similar in style. It teases for something good to come once it is time for everyone to hit the battlefield.

I will admit that the speech given by Jason was probably the strongest line of dialogue I have ever reader from this character. I honestly have never been the biggest fan of him, but this changed things when he has grown to that point where there is nothing else in front of him aside from being the leader and saying what needs to be said to psyche everyone up. Overall a smart play when it comes to setting the tone for what’s to come. The execution of the big battle was pretty crazy. So much going on from page to page and honestly there was a lot of Rangers I had never seen fight before till now. Many were used in creative ways and were met with a newer version of Lord Drakkon who was equally prepared for what they had to throw at him. The twist in what he could do now shot him further past that point of most villains who thought they could handle the whole of the Power Rangers on this level.

For the kind of battle that this was hyped up to be, I was very impressed by the art team’s work. There was so much going on in this issue that I found myself engaged with. So many Rangers I have never seen before, abilities, weapons, it was all refreshing from what we have seen in other battles up to this point. What was so different this time around was the sheer number of pages that too up a whole action sequence. To some this is very cool when you have a physical copy of the book, though bold if you have digital since you can only focus on so much at once. That aside, there was no overlooking the new way that Lord Drakkon took to battle a new sword. The effect of what this one could do was unique for the intention in every swing of his. The color work really stood out between the variety of colors seen through the many Rangers involved in the big battle, and the way Baiamonte approached the big heroic speech by Jason. The bright colors and lighting there really set the right atmosphere you expect when being able to see these Rangers for the heroes they have built themselves up to be in these moments.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30 definitely left us with that feeling like this could easily be their last mission. I mean how do you fight someone who can snatch powers so effortlessly? Someone who commands Zords that can level theirs as if they are gnats? However this ends, I just find myself so captivated by the fact that it will take a well they have not dug into yet. This is how you breathe life into a war and make the stakes real.

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