Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31


I have to say that I was not ready for Shattered Grid to end. That was some of the best storytelling to come of the Power Rangers universe in a long time. Everything from this run in general has been, and that’s what makes it so hard to move on from what was both familiar and crazy about that journey. Now, here we are with a new creative team, a new team, and a new mission. Everything about this screams bold and to prepare ourselves for more that this comic universe has to offer us.

Now while I call this bold, it did take some time to get used to the direction and approach to this story. I think most of us would have expected something that branched off a little more than it actually did. From the first page I honestly was a little lost as if I had missed something between the end of Shattered Grid and now. When everything is practically reset to where it was before, how exactly do we still have all of these characters who are still stuck in a situation during that time? Should they not all have been hit with the reset button like everyone else? I wouldn’t have imagined that simply being imprisoned upon the Promethea created some sort of shield against it. Not to mention their situation was a bit baffling as well considering the Morphin Grid was restored to its proper guardianship.

What I still did find worth investing in, is the fact that the main characters for this series include the future Kimberly, and Grace Sterling. Grace is the one I found more interest in than most because she is a character who has a lot to prove given her past, and has much more to offer as someone who proves that you don’t need a morpher to be of use. I was a bit shocked that she even had the Psycho Green Ranger’s Dagger in her possession. Who knows how she stumbled upon that gem again, but it does open the floor to some theories about how it could find greater relevance down the road. With that said, she isn’t the only one without power in this new story. It is known that many other Rangers are now unable to morph, and that creates a new kind of atmosphere that we aren’t too used to in this universe. Especially when they are out in the unknown and facing off against enemies that you would probably rather have powers to confront.

As for the villain of this story, Heckyl. I wasn’t all too sold on this evil Ranger because this was not one that I would call familiar. Not everyone you would assume to have kept up with too many Power Ranger teams, and Dino Rangers was certainly at that point where I had moved on. This isn’t to say that Heckyl is a bad villain, but it was one of those reveals where you could only really get excited if you knew who you were dealing with. That aside, you could at the very least get with the threat that Heckyl posed instead. Having power that the others are struggling to manage, and the ability to mess with theirs creates a big threat.

Simone Di Meo taking over on art was a great decision. Even if the story threw me for a loop in some areas, I was on board with the style that Simone brought to the table. It was a very different style from what we are used to, and perfectly takes advantage of the chaos of this situation. The angles of the panels, the way they overlapped, the twisting/turning, and the rough touch of the pencils really set the mood for what they got themselves into. Still having Walter Baiamonte on colors was a high point as well for the cosmic beauty he was able to bring out of this sector of space they are trapped in. I enjoyed the array of colors that captured so much of the unknown elements out there. This wasn’t quiet space, so it was fitting that we could get so much noise out of the setting. The same could be said for the interior of the ship as well. Everything going on within was pretty dark, but at the same time flashy as you would expect between the combat and the ship taking on stress from the environment.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 was an okay start to a new adventure. I feel that the next issue will be the one that really says whether this is a story you can continue to follow-up on. With more clarity to the direction and understanding of where this story fits in current events, that is what I hope I can say.


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