Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid #1


The fact that Boom has been so secretive about this conclusive issue, says a lot about how big this series has truly blown up. Some people look at me like I’m crazy, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt like a bigger fan of the Power Rangers than when this comic series began. The last time I felt like kind of energy was from the classic movies years ago, and the tv series surrounding that era. As “satisfied” as I was with the movie last year, it does not hold a candle to the level of storytelling we have gotten out of Shattered Grid. Great villains, excellent throwbacks to previous teams, and so much that is breaking new grounds for everyone all-around.

With that said, Shattered Grid #1 brings us to the climax of this series, and I was not prepared for what came next. I mean, I was prepared, but I was not ready for everything that was both new and shocking. From the very start of this issue we jump into the battle on the frontlines. The scene was intense, and yet at the same time exciting because even at this stage the creative team was still able to pull off some unique achievements with these Rangers from across space and time. However, what grabs our attention quickly in this final issue is what happens when our heroes begin to get desperate. This is a time where the heroes can become their own worst enemy, and when I say that, I mean what happens when they get too caught up in the role of a hero. That led to a chilling outcome for what was supposed to turn the tides, while also leading into the next big thing for this event.

That big thing of course being what happens when Lord Drakkon takes that next step to achieve more power. The inevitability of Shattered Grid was what would happen once he reached that point where the fractures would come back with a vengeance. I would say they nailed the execution of that moment, and threw us into one heck of an intriguing scene which showed us the result of breaking the fabric of reality. Lord Drakkon achieving the power he wanted was nothing like how you would have pictured things to go. The world we stepped into was also nothing like any of the other worlds we stepped into either. This one was made from pure desire, but it was the struggle that Drakkon even faced here which captivates you. There was an unknown element that was left off the board for a while now, and this was the best time to act upon it. This was an uplifting development, and gave us a clear path towards conclusion for anyone who was feeling as though Drakkon was practically unstoppable. I loved the tension that created since some of the best dialogue we have gotten out of Lord Drakkon is when he is either feeling on top of the world or at his most vulnerable.

The final confrontation was all that you could have hoped for when it came down to Lord Drakkon being forced to accept what he had become. There’s a lot of ways that this could have concluded, but I’m glad they took an approach that involved more heart than anything else. Not to mention they broke the mold for how most villains meet their end. Drakkon’s end was decisive, but it was also not without substance to it. Everything after that? Enough to make you hug the closest person next to you because the stakes and sacrifice was so real in terms of what these Rangers were fighting for. That is whether they were aware of the final outcome or not.

Just when you would think there was nothing else this series could do to catch us off guard, there was giving personification, to an extent, to the Grid.

Daniele Di Nicuolo, Diego Galindo, Walter Baiamonte, and Marcelo Costa blew it out of the water. As usual it was stunning work from Nicuolo and Baiamonte in capturing this climax, but it was the change in art that grabbed my attention. Before I get to them, there was no overlooking the new things that this team was able to deliver, such as a new zord. The design of it was creative, and the clash of zords was thrilling for the intensity of attacks. If there’s one thing I love most about the artwork for this series, it was how no matter who jumped in, you were always looking forward to some quality work. When reality was changed, that came with the change in style as well. I was overly impressed with what Galindo and Costa had to offer because the atmosphere was unique to what you could call a dream-like world set in motion by Lord Drakkon. The color overlay, a mix between yellow and gold-ish, kept things pretty leveled out, but the colors that shined through, kept important objects distinguished. Such things as the new costume that Drakkon dones. He has gone through the most changes with every new power-up, and each of them better than the last. I felt like the style and color scheme this time made him his own person in contrast to everyone else. Not a bad combination of black, grey, red, and gold at all.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid #1 brings the first Power Rangers comic book event to a close, and this is one for the history books. There was so much heart put into this story, and I couldn’t help but smile, even if all I wanted to do was weep at what was inevitable for the fate of the multiverse by the end of this story.

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