Comic Book Review: Mortal Kombat X #5



Mortal Kombat fans must have done something good if we’re getting another Mortal Kombat X comic before the game comes out in a few short days. Once the game comes out fans of the comic series will have a bit of knowledge about some of the characters and history when playing the game’s story mode. From what is shown in this comic it looks like this series will have an adventure of it’s own while laying the ground work for the game.

By the looks of this comic it looks like it’s taken a page from some of DC’s other weekly series with Mortal Kombat X having characters have separate adventures which will probably join together by the end of it since it seems that there is a villain who’s pulling the strings. In one story we have Scorpion and his student Takeda hunting down Sub-Zero, while the other story is the continuation of the Outworld civil war with the Shokan now on the warpath to Kotal Kahn for what he did to Goro. It’s hard to pick which story is better since they’re both equally good. I’d like to see more of Outworld’s civil war since we see Kittelsen. It could give readers a better understanding where some of the characters stand find them more appealing. While readers see more of where Sonya and Johnny’s relationship is before the game, I think the best example is Goro and his people the Shokan. Even though their appearance in the comic is short, you actually understand why the Shokan would go to war.

Scorpion’s story in Mortal Kombat X #5 is just as good as the Outworld civil war. Probably better to some fans since it’s the classic fight that every Mortal Kombat fan knows, Scoprion vs Sub-Zero. While It’s great to see some dialogue between the two, I think what really sells this scene is the art by Dexter Soy. The art really sells the fight and shows a couple of moves that I don’t think will be shown in the game. It leaves readers on the edge of their seats even though the characters will live on to appear in the game.

The art for Mortal Kombat X #5 is great. Dexter Soy knows how to bring readers in with his art, especially with the fight scenes involving Scoprion and Sub-Zero. The exaggerated poses and unique character designs bring out what’s good about the comic, even if most of it is just two characters fighting. I think my favourite designs are the Shokan. I was actually surprised when I saw them because of all the different shapes and sizes. The colours by Veronica Gandini make the art pop, especially with the Scorpion and Sub-Zero fight. She makes the epic fight scenes even more epic with the dark colours and coloured effects seen in this comic.

All in all Mortal Kombat X #5 is a really good comic. While some of the causal readers may have a bit of a hard time jumping into the series, fans of the game series will have a blast reading it. This comic has a lot of good scenes that will probably be seen in the game and that not everything is circled around one villain. I highly recommend giving this comic a read if you’re looking for more adventures starring your favourite characters after playing the game.

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Mortal Kombat X #5 is an action packed artistic delight.

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