Comic Book Review: All-New Ultimates #12


ANULTMTS2014012-DC11-09a63With this week comes the final issue of All-New Ultimates. While there were some good moments in All-New Ultimates I felt that the last issue was rushed. I know that All-New Ultimates #12 was the last issue and I know writers like to keep things open-ended for writers to reuse some of the characters in future titles Marvel may publish later, but there were parts in All-New Ultimates #12 that felt like it could be explored in more issues if given the chance.

In All-New Ultimates #12 we have the Ultimates, Terror Inc, a few villains and the city under attack by a giant monster. This kind of concept is awesome to have since it goes back to super hero classics with giant monster attacks and heroes teaming up to stop it. I know that All-New Ultimates are the stars of the comic, but I wondered why the FF weren’t there or some cops or the army since there was a giant monster that looks like he came from another dimension. It was still a cool scene having the heroes and some of their allies take down a giant monster, though having more characters or an explanation like the other heroes were busy or something could have been added.

Terror Inc are characters of interest in this issue. They had a huge importance in taking down the monster, but I felt that they didn’t have that big an impact like All-New Ultimates tried to do since the formation of the group was poorly done in the series. It’s good that we have Terror (the green zombie seen in the series) having some powers to save the day though it could have been explored a little earlier just to make his scene more exciting

While I say the comic could have been better if a few things were explored a bit earlier in the series, there was a few things in there that I wished were explained better. Like finding out certain secrets of the villains and having the team split up in the end. Which just seemed weird to me since we had some story development with Bombshell and it didn’t look like the team had any problems with each other or had any huge impact on them during this final adventure. So I’m a little weirded out that the series would end like that.

The art for All-New Ultimates #12 was okay. The giant monster looked very intimidating as it should when confronting such a large crowd. The colourist in particular did a good job making the art pop within each passing page. With that said, Pinna is falling back on some of his past errors such as characters having dull expressions on their faces and the character structure fell flat in terms of a lack of range in motion.

The last issue of All-New Ultimates overall could have been a better to end the series. I did like the direction the series was taking, but I think the ending could have been better since the writer rushed trying to wrap up in the series.

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The final issue was okay, but it wasn't the best way to end the series.

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