Comic Book Review: Ninjak #26


Ninjak #26 is where we find out who can be trusted, who is the real enemy, and what is right and/or wrong here. I think one person in particular you could predict would act as expected when the time came, but her drive alone is what gets you through to this point. Especially when this final, steel-splintering showdown between Ninjak and Master Darque is now and cutting him with the sword will be easier said than done.

First off, I consistently enjoy the way we start the finale issue of each story arc. We are usually thrown into the distant future where Colin is giving s briefing on the mission in detail. This creative team no matter the situation does right by making sure that we don’t forget that this is a story of espionage. There is structure to the things that MI-6 and Ninjak do and this is one of those things. Though above all there is still that air of mystery in the atmosphere because clearly things didn’t go right and you want to know exactly what happens following where Ninjak #25 ended.

What you also come to take notice of is the sense of urgency with this mission. The structure of this issue in general is appealing because they understand that you have to jump straight into the thick of this plot. Which means getting us straight to the confrontation with Master Darque. It was from there that the pieces began to fall into place. We knew what was happening with the Shadow Seven, but Ninjak did not. Though what was awesome was that even then we were not all prepared for the things that happen in the moment. Simply knowing that Roku was not to be trusted wasn’t enough. We needed an understanding of how everything she has done up to this point helps Master Darque. Definitely a tough pill to swallow since you were anticipating the reaction to the reveal of her inevitable betrayal.

Everyone’s fate was up in the air and that was the main thrill in dealing with Master Darque. The guy was serious business himself, but when you add Roku you are just asking for an uphill battle. When they talk about serious collateral damage from this battle, the biggest hit we take is emotional. No matter how this ended you could tell that something wasn’t going Ninjak’s way and it was the worst case scenario as you would fear from the introduction to that first page. I do emphasize was, as nothing is as it seems on the surface. You expect the unexpected and that much Ninjak always delivers on.

Till the bitter end the artwork for Ninjak was spectacular. There was so much to love about this issue itself. Starting with Master Darque himself who it was a delight to see in the flesh once more. This art team nailed the darkness that we are supposed to feel from this necromancer who deals in the most sinister acts you could ever witness in this universe. You want someone who will make you fear magic? Well there he is and they captured everything masterful about his power through the manipulation of this “Darquewoods” around him. That is also how you go about bringing a forest to life as it doesn’t always have to be rainbows and sunshine. Aside from this, they once again establish why it is that Roku is so dangerous. I can’t say it enough how beautiful it is to see her in action. There is such elegance to the way she moves whether it is how agile she herself is, or how wild her hair can be once unleashed. As I said last issue and still say now, Ulises Arreola’s colors for the settings made all the difference when he creates these beautiful blends of greens, browns and blues to build up this forest that we call Darquewood. Then takes things a step further with effects that both clash with the magical and explosive aspect of these two worlds colliding once more. The blockbuster style to his colors sold you on those key moments that were supposed to captivate you.

Like any story before in this series, Ninjak #26 closed out another must read adventure. If you’re someone who read The Valiant, then the end wasn’t all too surprising, but the emotion and execution are the main attraction for this agent who knows how to rise above the challenge.

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