Comic Book Review: Ninjak #27


This month brings us to a special standalone issue. It makes sense after the mission Colin has come back from. Like they say, he has fought the Shadow Seven, journeyed to the Deadside, and bested death itself. Rapture is right around the corner, so it seems like the best time to catch a breather with an issue that is simply Ninjak doing what he does best. Truthfully I think it has been quite some time since we had a one and done mission for this spy and mercenary for hire.

Being a standalone issue, this is an issue where anyone can jump in. Most story arcs in some way you can read if a new reader, though this issue is more accessible as one that is its own thing.

It was interesting jumping into this story as nothing else before this mattered aside from this new mission Ninjak is taking on. I think more would take notice of the fact that there is even still a job with MI-6. Eventually I would love to see just how strong this relationship is after everything he has been through with them as of late. The future version of Ninjak real or not has completely distanced himself from them which begs to question what worse can still happen. Till then we are back to familiar ground with Colin and Neville handling things like they used to. Whether you read into their briefing of the mission or glazed over, it was nice that there was structure to this. There was nothing straightforward like a smash and grab. They took their time getting into the things that matter such as what Ninjak is looking for, who he should watch out for, and the stakes involved in getting the job done.

Until halfway through this issue, things for the most part are in fact routine. It’s when we see that there is more to this than what is seen on the surface that this plot kicks into gear. At this point you always wait for that moment of escalation and they couldn’t have chosen a better scene for Ninjak to walk into for some red flags to wave.

Now when I read that Ninjak would encounter some mutated soldiers bearing the animalistic abilities, many things went through my head though somehow this was still unexpected. It keeps things entertaining when Ninjak is facing more than your average assassin, agent, spy or so forth. That is normally when we get to see more toys that he has up his sleeve, and in situations like this we see Ninjak able to consistently demonstrate just how smart he is. Of course this doesn’t stop him from making some rash decisions, but that is a side to Ninjak I like to see more of when he has no true allegiance to anyone.

CAFU and David Baron were the wise choice for art team. Both I haven’t had the chance to enjoy reading a book with their interior artwork in a good while. CAFU is one of those Valiant artists that you always want to have on deck for an action story. He does very well when it comes to action with fast pacing. He can manage a lot in a short amount of time and make it all flow very well from panel to panel. This was a mission that turned out to be much more than it seemed on the surface, but the way this art team handled it, we got all the intensity of what it means for Ninjak to do what he does best. David Baron’s colors were where the intensity came from. This was in your face and it was explosive. Not to mention he brought to life some of these new toys which graced these pages. Especially the ones sourced through light. Could we have seen more of what these mutated soldier could do? Maybe, yet for a one and done mission you have to focus on the important things. We saw what physically made these soldiers threatening, and nothing about them looked friendly either. Aside from that again it was nice to get that bit at the beginning where we were in familiar territory. For as much talking as there was, that felt and looked normal which isn’t a place we’ve been in a good while.

Ninjak #27 was a fun little adventure for Ninjak that while its own thing still sets up some new developments that I wouldn’t count out getting back to after Rapture. If there’s one thing you keep in mind as a reader of Ninjak, it’s that all things matter in the grand scheme of this evolving world.

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