Comic Book Review: Once And Future Queen #1


Always ready for a good adventure story involving magic and myth, so the concept of Once And Future Queen felt right up my alley. For anyone else it might so just purely for the fact that this is set during the time of Merlin and other fantastical things. You know what you’re in store for though you still look for that one thing about Once And Future Queen that will separate it from any other story that you could call similar.

Our introduction to Rani Arturus wasn’t diving straight into her story, we were eased in. Knowing that this nineteen-year old would pull Excalibur is one thing, but you want to know what would lead to this. How someone having an ordinary life can suddenly become a queen and thrust into adventure. First off I enjoyed that they would take the opportunity to get diverse with Rani. Every little bit mattered in understanding her seeing the kind of family she has, what her main interest is and so on. Rani’s interest is what grabs your attention the most. There are any number of things she could do as her passion and this was thinking outside the box. There is an overall appreciation when your main character doesn’t come off cliche or like every other toy in the box.

When the plot starts taking shape you can see that this comes down to the concept of destiny. Which mean that when you do see Rani pull Excalibur from the stone to become queen, the anticipation is pointed more towards what happens after rather than the moment itself. That is where the creative team begins to sell you on the story they are trying to tell. I for one love when there is a creative spin to how magic works. From the moment she pulls the sword out of the stone that is what we came to understand about this world through Merlin. A character who is unique to the way he is introduced and introduces Rani to her new path. In general this was a new experience which engages us in a story where we are letting the writer build the world around us.

Being a queen you have to expect that there are forces out there trying to bring Rani down. How they approached this was both fun an exciting because it was like fantasy clashing with reality. Everyone simply acting on instinct when this force decided it was time to make a move against the person wielding the sword who just so happens to be Rani. For a mini series luckily this creative team understands that time is of the essence to throw us into the thick of it.

Once And Future Queen has a solid artist in Nick Brokenshire. You pretty much had a good idea as to what we were in store for just based off of the art for the cover. The cover is a bit more stylized, but nonetheless the interior artwork is still impressive. Brokenshire is one of those artists who has a natural approach to the way he draws his characters and the world around them. Everything from the way they dress to the way they lived captured well enough the way someone can live an ordinary life and be thrust into a destiny that is beyond their comprehension. This goes for the colors as well that didn’t come off too strong which allowed us to better take in those points of fascination. Some could look forward to bold and vibrant colors for what this is, but the choice of organic works too when drawing that line between two different walks of life. At the same time Brokenshire gets creative in the way he addresses the magical elements of this world through the Fae, their point of origin, and the reaction they can generate through just their presence. Personally I liked the way Merlin is portrayed in this as more than a mere wizard who dabbles in magic.

The past, future, and present collide is a marvelous way through this first issue of Once And Future Queen. It has potential through just creativity in this world and its inner workings. The next step for us is to get to know this cast of characters a little better while pushing forward with what kind of future we’re fighting for.

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