Comic Book Review: Outcast By Kirkman And Azaceta #30


Both side of this war be it the darkness or the Outcasts have made some bold moves, and it only seems to keep intensifying when one is looking to really make that one power move over the other. Kyle and his father took a big risk that paid off in a new addition to their army even if she is just a kid. While the wheels keep turning with this dark force whose situation gets no better the longer it takes for them to win.

What came after for Kyle, his father and Daphne was a point of interest after such a big fight. This was the first time we’ve seen any of them in the state they were left in despite the clear victory. Every accomplishment seems to help us further understand Outcasts and every bit at this point goes a long way in a lot of things we don’t fully grasp yet. It means a lot that they keep pushing the idea that these Outcast are getting stronger in the presence of one another, which is a big contrast to the enemy. In most cases I would say this is something you show rather than tell, but that is more of a feeling you have to express through words. Till then the emotional weight of it all is now better absorbed from this experience. To know that they have limits like this or can feel like this was worth focusing on. Especially when one of the three is a kid who really didn’t ask for anything that she has been through up to this point.

That moment between Simon and Daphne was very engaging since we were finally able to figure out what happened to Jennifer. They could have left the answer up in the air, but the last thing we need right now are more questions and fewer answers. Speaking of answers,I liked that we got more context to the image of the man on the cover of this issue. It only made sense that this was someone to fear rather than join forces with the Outcasts. His size isn’t for nothing as his presence creates just as much intimidation as you would expect. His actions here were hard to stomach surely and no person would ever agree with that act, but if there was a message to send about the monster we are now dealing with? Message received loud and clear.

It only hurts you when it comes to the drama from the rest of the family this time around. You get it, this whole us versus them mentality of self-preservation does happen, but it shouldn’t blind from the common sense of what’s going on around you. I mean how do you say what is too much or try to control a situation that is not at all up to you? Emotions run high, but you don’t want to push us to believe someone could be so closed-minded during times like this.

For the art team this was a very important issue for them to pull through. Details matter as I emphasized above when it comes to showing what it is like to be an Outcast. That first scene between Kyle, Simon and Daphne was not something to overlook when you were seeing the toll that this power can have on the body. It affects you both mentally and physical which was easier to grasp through Daphne’s reaction in particular. She in general I like for the way she has been drawn. The life of an Outcast is not easy and the best way you could ever show this is through a kid who has been hardened by the conflict being brought to her unlike Kyle’s daughter.She has this mature look and reaction to everything that makes you question what else she has been through. As for this new enemy, his size and presence is a big change from those we have encountered so far. Up till now you had people who grabbed your attention for their personality, but this guy is cold and he is not someone you want to come in close quarters with. That scene he created at the end again was a tough pill to swallow, but that visually was a big shift in tone that we can now expect from this story.

If anybody thought this was already serious business, Outcast By Kirkman And Azaceta #30 corrects you on that assumption and cranks the dial. We know much more than we did from the issue before, and the story could only grow through the introduction of someone who gives you a real reason to fear the unknown. This is not some old man or middle-aged man with a failing body.

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