Comic Book Review: Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta #35


Two months without Outcast is quite the wait during such a major storyline. A time where everyone is on the same wavelength that war is coming and tackling it head on is the only way they make it out of the conflict in on piece. And a time where they have already lost one of their numbers to the enemy who is as heartless as they come since the passing of Sidney. Rowland always knows what buttons to push for answers he can’t fully rely on the others to get for him, and so far that is his greatest strength.

Knowing what buttons to push in general comes in handy when Rowland finds himself in a seat of power faced with a Megan who i not willing to talk so easily. Dropping that idea into her head that she might not be free of her possession was quite a gamble. Not only for it being a game as a whole, but for what fear this brought out in her. Us figuring out whether it was actually true or not was worth the wait as well.

Now the next move being to save Megan was quite unexpected. You figured someone would be bold enough to throw themselves into the fire, though not like this. While on the surface you can’t quite agree with the actions taken, there is appreciation for the self-awareness that everyone has towards the risks they are taking. It is only when that is not the case that you have to worry about the main characters. Natural is this group knowing what they are and are not willing to do to see this war through to the end. With that said, I was a bit disappointed by how events unfolded. It all pretty much came and went, just like that. You could appreciate the sense of pacing involved, though regardless you may have been awaiting a little more from this rescue mission. What we at least take from what happened here was the mindset that everyone is currently in. Their determination, fears, and spirit matter now more than before.

I wouldn’t say that a line was crossed, or that anything really began, but the events of this issue certainly set everything in motion. It was the one person you would have expected to be a problem that made this refreshing rather than a twist set through someone who would have been out of character. We’ve all been waiting for that one move made by either side that would escalate things, and the enemy delivered by the end of the issue. The technical line that Kyle crosses, that is something to anticipate since one move can change everything.

For the most part the interior artwork was consistent in quality. Nothing stood out too much, and we weren’t given any less than in any other issue where nothing too visually significant happens. I did like some of the unique lettering near the end, though aside from that there wasn’t anything too new or different to take in.

Outcast By Kirkman and Azaceta #35 was a well-paced issue for where it takes us on the fourth part of “Invasion”. Nothing is going to be the same moving forward when now is the time for everyone to put up with the choice they have made that war is the only way this will end. Truthfully this won’t be a war unless someone gets a bit more than they bargained for.

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