Comic Book Review: Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #26


The time for subtly in this story has since passed. We are at a point in Outcast where actions and answers matter a lot in where this story is able to take us. Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #25 proved this last month as you couldn’t ask for a bigger turn of events when there is a legitimate Outcast stepping into the battle. We know they existed out there, but you wouldn’t have guessed when we’d run into another or who that person may be.

This person being Kyle’s father was a shocker. I mean the whereabouts of his father were unknown along with whether he was alive or dead, but who would have guessed that he would also be an Outcast. Truthfully this may have been the best development right now because running into another Outcast is a sensitive situation. Kyle is not the most stable person or someone who trusts very easily after everything he has been through. His father being an Outcast kind of cuts the middle man where he has to take what he’s got whether he likes it or not.

As for Kyle and his family, the direction things are taking for them is a treat. All of them together and realizing just what they are up against was the best eventuality. Honestly I did struggle with the fact that Allison had such a hard time figuring things out for herself. Those approaching moments when she did was a relief as you could see that they weren’t trying to take her down the path of cliche. In fact her relevancy has never been stronger now. With a large group there are more checks and balances around. Especially again when dealing with someone like Kyle who can be unstable, and someone like the Reverend who you try to distance when he allows religion to blind him to what’s right in front of him.

Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #26 doesn’t actually get Kyle to a place where he is in the act of honing his abilities, but it at least gets us there. That bit right there is full of anticipation because the fight against these things will never be the same once Kyle knows how to properly fight back.

The development with these other hidden figures like Sidney was something we needed to get back to. Sidney himself being a face for all their madness was cool, but on their end necessity was drawing near where we had to get a little more out of those pulling the strings. I’m hoping that from here their actions can come with a little more clarity than usual. As I stated above, we are past the time where you can afford to be too vague about this growing situation.

Given that nothing too much really happens in this issue, there wasn’t too much visually to point out that was standout. Not a problem of course, but another way of saying that the artwork for this issue comes with consistency in quality and more tame. What you do enjoy visually is the way we jump back into these other people like Sidney who are in charge of things behind the scenes. You could definitely see what made Sidney more ambitious in comparison to the rest of the group. They definitely look as bad as their situation is bad in terms of longevity. Now there are some places involving Simon that has you excited for what new ways they can toy with what an Outcast can do. Elizabeth Breitweiser got to stretch her legs a bit there and it feels like a taste of some of the cool things she should be able to accomplish in time after what we also had already seen from the scene when Simon jumped into the fray.

‘The Sharpened Edge’ doesn’t quite live up to the name of the issue like most others tend to, but Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #26 gets us through a lot of set-up that pushes us way further into this new chapter than you could have hoped for. This story and plot is really picking up and I’m glad that recent events have sharpened the perspective of what needs to be done between Outcasts and these things.

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