Comic Book Review: Precinct #4


Pecinct04-Cov-A-DavilaWith Precinct #4 we find ourselves one issue closer to the finale of this miniseries. When first introduced to the story of Precinct it was tough to figure out how such a big case could wrap up in five issues, though with each passing issue this creative team has done a well enough job of staying on task up to this point. Nothing but the case, the mystery at hand, and the main storyline as the priority which is what makes a successful miniseries.

Pacing is key and the start of Precinct #4 captured that sense of pacing with the way all the pieces of this case are beginning to fall in place. And in a way which makes Mortimer look more like the capable detective he is made out to be, if you haven’t been convinced already that is. If there was any way to show how badass he can be, they took full advantage of this continuing with the fight he finds himself in from before. Understanding the way Mortimer grew up definitely made it easier to grasp the thick skin he has developed over time. Not just mentally, but physically as well. His inner dialogue was easy to follow as he is allowing us to really see what makes him tick in the act. Makes him a lot more favorable at this point in Precinct’s main story knowing that there is more to him than what he wants people to see on the surface.

As for Josephine, the development of her character is a lot stronger in this issue as it should be compared to Mortimer. She is someone who doesn’t see all the dark he has to deal with, and this case has opened her up to a responsibility which forces her to do more thinking for herself. Asking the right questions and learning that it takes someone willing to thinking outside the box to really see what is front of her. The big question has been wondering how long it would take Josephine to figure out what is going on around her with the Alchemy Academy, and it was from an unsuspecting voice where she is finally pushed in that direction.

Now with a faster pacing some might say that some events are skipped through, yet at this stage you are really trying to address what is most necessary. Some things you simply take for what it is or read between the lines in what the art conveys.

Having said this, there was a greater appeal with the artwork in this issue because of the action. Overall the quality was better for the greater detail the art team put into that fight between Mortimer and those machines. Mortimer off the bat is formidable just for the experience he has, though add that arm and he is a force to be reckoned with. You would not have expected him to put up the fight he did against those machines and again that had something to do with the way he grew up. The distinguishing features between past and present you still appreciating carrying over from the previous issue. And better than the action are the effects they use to make it pop. You want to make this look like a big fight and they used everything to make it look like just that. Blurring, impact, collateral damage and much more stood out. Not to mention the colors which had a heavier presence for the impressive display of fires and the way Josephine releases her arcane energies. If you questioned how strong an acolyte can be, she is the best example of the power they wield. Now while the character structure and facial expressions never looked better, there were some panels where they did seem a bit off. Mainly for Josephine.

Precinct #4 leads us to some big moments that finally lays all the cards on the table. The true threat is established, the villains step out of the shadows, and we are left with one last conflict that we will anticipate seeing through to the end with Precinct #5. We hit the climax of this story and hit it hard. This here is what you hoped Precinct would shape up to be.

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A climax that does not disappoint when a tough call is made by the end.

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