Comic Book Review: Predator: Hunters #5


Hard to believe that we find ourselves already at the end of this miniseries. It feels like this story only just began not too long ago, yet so much has happened between this team coming together and finding out they have bitten off more than they can chew with this hunt for a Predator turning into Predators. The twist at the end of the issue before shook things up entirely. If this Hunter team made it out with even a fraction of their soldiers, I definitely want to see what rabbit they manage to pull out of their hats.

The biggest twist you could throw is that there is actually a third-party threat to worry about. That the very people that they were trying to protect from these Predators are actually harboring secrets that endanger them all. You could say a little late in the game for this kind of reveal, though this added a whole new level of engagement to the story. Especially when it came to understanding the truth to what this colony really went through when they came to this island and first encountered the Predators. Definitely a story that I would have loved to see in a movie because it is not every day that you see a group of people actually find it in them to genuinely steal the role of hunter. This Hunter team is the real deal, though they aren’t as intune to the world around them as they should be.That’s not to say that Dr. Buntings’ people are either, but they clearly in this scenario had the advantage of knowing the area more than anyone else.

What I enjoy most about this miniseries is that it is a sharp reminder that as deadly as the Predator are, there is no overlooking the danger of humans themselves. That is the one thing that separates a solid book in the AvP franchise from everything else that tries to be more. Now this isn’t to say they had the bite to match their bark, though you can only do so much at this point in the story without hurting the chances of this miniseries receiving a proper conclusion. The Hunter team on the other hand did prove why they shouldn’t be underestimated, even with a little help on their end.

When all is said and done, you could argue that things got a bit convenient for the Hunters. You could also argue that when it comes to an AvP story you should always expect the unexpected. If things progressed the way you expected it to at the start of the issue, you would have been looking at a predictable end. Not to mention one that would be like any other where everybody but one or two dies for the sake of shock value.

From start to finish of this miniseries I have appreciated them having an artist like Francisco Ruiz Velasco. Someone who can do both pencils and colors has a stronger vision for how to visually construct a world. What grabbed my attention first was the reveal of Dr. Buntings’ people as the true problem. It says a lot when you have people who have lost their way enough that they present themselves as the enemy. Velasco showed uniformity through their numbers and managed to still be able to capture small details like the wooden material they use to construct these costumes. It may be night, but Velasco consistently made the smart choice in cold colors that would bring out the island feel of the setting, while not hiding the detail of his pencils. Even just changing the color slightly to a hue of green or gray worked great as it marked a shift in tone or scene. He created a lot of depth through those colors as well whether it was highlights or shadows. The water even looked like water which many struggle with. Overall he was the full package and someone you would want to see more work from in these kinds of stories.

Predator: Hunters #5 marks the end of the first in a while that focuses solely on the Predators. This is not to say a few others recently didn’t, but they didn’t make their world as important as it could be. Predator: Hunters is a fresh release from the murderfest that is the unfortunate encounters with the Xenomorphs, where the humans for once are on the attack rather than running scared for issues.

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