Comic Book Review: Predator: Life And Death #2


Predator Life And Death #2New reader friendly, stays true to what fans like about the Predator series, and straightforward with what you will get out of this story between the characters and plot. That is what we got from the first issue of Predator: Life And Death as we learned what has led this group of Colonial Marines on a mission that they may not all come back from. Not from the way all hell breaks loose by the end of the first issue.

After an early look at Aliens: Defiance one has to laugh at the fact that so much can go wrong because the Weyland-Yutani Corporation wants to consistently dig their noses where they probably shouldn’t. How do so many isolated incidents need to happen before anyone sees a connection between these disasters? That’s a question for another time. Though for now there is the situation of Captain Paget trying to get the mission done and get her people off this planet in one piece. Speaking of isolated incidents, it was interesting to see how the rest of the Marines were handling the search while unaware of what slaughter happened to the others. Paget is a strong character lead for the presence she carries in this series. Different from other main characters because she is more careful about messing with the unknown. Which of course puts her at odds with Mr. Lorimer who acts more in the interest of Weyland first. That much he makes clear showing his colors even aware of the growing situation at hand.

While that attack did happen, this second issue still carries that same wind of suspense throughout. That was one slaughter, now we are waiting for the next, though this time around there was more of a breath of awareness. The one thing I stated previously was that the formula for this story felt familiar. That is still true, though there is also the appreciation  for those subtle things Dan Abnett is doing to make this stand out from the rest. Throwing in other parties of interest, survivors to stir up fear and wonder. A new unknown element as well into the mix. Marines who are trigger happy though unaware of how prepared their enemy really is. A recipe for a different outcome than we might expect.

What makes this fight for the spaceship fun is that this isn’t a one-sided fight. No running for your lives once the enemy has been seen and established. The Predators are better equipped for combat, though the fight can go either way when these Marines are not only ready for a fight, but ready for vengeance as well.

There is definitely more appeal to the second issue of Predator: Life And Death compared to the first. This is probably more from the way the jungles of planet Tartarus is drawn. It looks like any other thick jungle you might encounter, though the color tones carry that suspense as though something could happen at any second. In general it tends to feel as though the colors are dictation what you react to these scenes. Reflcting the calm, the suspense, and then the action when everything turns to warm colors and red. Though the way the characters are drawn is just as important because as stated above you care about Captain Paget from the way she carries herself in comparison to other main characters in a story like this. Weyland doesn’t control her, she doesn’t appreciate being controlled, she knows how to lead, and she wants more than anything to get the job done and get out with the least amount of casualties as she can run into. With that said it was creative that they decided to make these Predators different from each other. Usually they wear the same armor, though this time around they wear what distinguishes them from the rest and carry varying armaments.

Predator: Life And Death #2 had the escalation we anticipated for this stage in the miniseries. Not only this but the little twists and turns to really shake up how you could assume this ends for Paget and her team.

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