Comic Book Review: Project Superpowers #3


As I said last issue, what I appreciate about golden age hero stories is that they do not pull punches. You get real dangers, real consequences, and real impact from these character’s actions. The first few issues of Project Superpowers were quick to lay the foundation for the heroes, villains, and the plot that brings them all together. From there, they created a hope that things will really begin to pick up as it is time for the heroes to find out what they are up against.

Starting this issue off with a villainous perspective to what’s unfolding was the best move to make with this third chapter. When we’ve seen this new enemy assert his presence to Green Llama and eliminate the Green Llama at the same time? The next thing was of course to see plans move forward now that the greatest obstacle was removed from the board. This invasion is engaging for the fact that everything is playing out like a game of chess. This approach is always one of my favorites because it captures a villain who has a method to the madness. That aside, it was also helpful to take a deeper look into this P:andora’s motivations for coming to Earth. While obvious as a clear twist to Pandora, there was of course the distinguishing of details that we needed in order to separate what we know about Pandora from what we needed to know about P:andora.

Catching up with the rest of the heroes, I liked the continued relevance they have given to Imani as our new character and host to the American Spirit. There’s a lot to flesh out for Imani, but at the same time you want to know what the American Spirit has to offer this fight when the time comes. It also goes without saying that this is one of those rare heroes who you don’t get to see very often, so for a reader like me this is an exciting exploration. The other heroes certainly do add to the importance that its role has played in the past. Now the visitor that Imani gets in the hospital shakes things up as well. As I said above, these stories can be bold about the lines they are willing to cross at any time, so I do hold my breath for what this visit will lead to. Williams knows how to leave you hanging for better or worse, so I have faith this time around that he will make the suspense worthwhile.

The highlight of this issue was the response from the superheroes left in this fight. What set the tone for what’s to come was how they reacted to what they are up against. It was varying which created multiple perspectives to take in. I found all of them necessary when we need to see the optimism, the pessimism towards their usefulness, and the overall sense of duty that someone needed to show in order for there to be a glimpse of hope. I would say it was following the actions of Samson who brought me the most excitement. The ability to take action at a time like this is what sets heroes apart. This series is also my first exposure this version of the character, and he is a thrill being a cross between the destructive power of Hulk and mannerisms of Thor. As the first point of contact for this war, he gave us much to get anxious for.

This issue’s artwork was spectacular! I admired the interior work from the first issue, but this one had so much energy going into it. The creativeness of this enemy, his army, all of it popped out immediately. Especially the color and design of P”andora’s army. The blue glow to them was a bit unexpected, yet added a sense of intimidation to their presence and lack of humanity. What was most memorable had to be Samson in action. As  I said above, there was no greater joy than seeing this massive guy jumping into the fray and embracing brutality in a way that only someone can who has such strength and only uses his bare hands. Adding this on top of a body of water only made it look better when chaos was pretty much thrown in all directions. Not to mention the color work made it all lively. It was refreshing to see water consume the pages than gravel.

Project Superpowers #3 had great momentum and progress made in this third chapter. There was so much to take in between action, discovery, and defining of what it means to be a hero at a time like this. Depth was given across the board, and we were given so much to look forward to when these relics of the past are given an enemy who knows right where to hit them.

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