Comic Book Review: Project Superpowers #4


With every passing issue of Project Superpowers, this book continues to draw you in to the exciting world of superheroes. Sometimes you just need a book that throws you into the larger than life experience that comes with the call to action. These heroes are far removed from their time, but clearly time does not change the duty to save the world. No matter how different the dangers have become. So far, P:andora is the perfect villain to put a little pep in their step.

Picking up from the events of Project Superpowers #3, the wait was painful just to see what the fate of Imani would be at the hands of the Death-Defying Devil. The great thing about this story right now is that you just don’t know what will happen next when these heroes are barely aware of who their enemy is. They know this person is using the body of their friend to launch these assaults, but that is about it. Everything else is pretty much this villain being one step ahead which leads to situations like this. The fight that ensued was quick and to the point. More importantly it made it clear that no one is safe when they are forced to play defense instead of taking the fight to this enemy.

Speaking of taking the fight to the enemy, that brings us to Scarab. I enjoyed the opportunity to experience a hero like him who is a marvel in his own time, but also a little more suited than the rest to the world he had entered. From the minute this madness began, he was the first one ready to ask the right questions. The first one to spring into action, and lets not overlook the fact that he has come the closest to figuring out what they were preparing themselves for. Like the battle with the Death-Defying Devil, this was also pretty quick and to the point. While the action was cool, it was the dialogue that managed to stand out a bit more. On one hand you had the brilliance of Scarab that showed through when it mattered most, and then there was P:andora who was simply swelling with confidence that offered belief in how terrifying he really could be. He had the stature, he had the power, and he knew exactly what he was doing when he decided it was time to make his presence known. I’m glad that he is not just another villain who sits back and lets everyone else do all the heavy lifting.

I also must point out the entertainment I didn’t expect to get so consistently from Samson. This guy is fun for the way he embraces a good fight. He doesn’t pull punches, he’s not easily shaken, and for a blind guy he sees so much more than he lets on.

The flashback we got out of this issue was welcomes. As much as I love these heroes, there’s still much that I can admit that I do not know about their lives before the modern age. It made a big difference to see them when still in their prime and understanding exactly what it is that they were fighting for. The person they chose for this was smart since said person has had the loudest voice about the changes they have all had to adjust to in a world that doesn’t work like the one they were plucked out of.

For the most part this issue, the focus was visually placed upon the action. There was a lot going on and I was impressed that there was a strong consistency in quality from start to finish from this art team. For this kind of chapter, I would be more worried about the clarity in artwork taking a hit, or maybe too much flashy that takes your attention away from key actions. Fortunately that was not the case here. Every scene was engaging and bringing out the appeal in what each hero had to offer this fight. The battle in Earth’s orbit was cool for how explosive they made this part. Blasts flying everywhere, and they never got too carried away with it. Maybe a little when showing what Scarab looks like when he takes the gloves off, and the color work made a world of difference for the way it all popped. With that said, I loved the entrance that P:andora made. It was his stature as I pointed out above that caught my eyes immediately. It was one thing to know that he was big on his own, it was another thing entirely to have someone else to compare him to. That said a lot about the danger he posed.

Project Superpowers #4 raises the stakes in this fight in a big way, quite literally by the end of this issue. Excellent pacing, satisfying action, and thrilling entrance that P:andora has made to emphasize his need to reclaim his Box.

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