Comic Book Review: Prometheus: Life and Death One-Shot


The final conflict is here! It has been an amazing journey following Life and Death full circle to Prometheus once again when the one enemy we managed to overlooked is far from done. In this universe, it is the unfortunate truth that you do not want to call upon the rage of an Engineer. There hasn’t been a conflict with one of these beings that hasn’t ended in slaughter, so you know just what you’re in store for after finding out that Galgo didn’t finish off what is probably the most dangerous of those encountered before.

I was very caught off guard by the way this issue starts off. To be specific, the point in time where we jump into this final issue. As always it takes time to reach these big battles, so the exploration we get leading up to that moment was engaging for these are the times when characters are able to start asking the right questions. It only makes sense that they are able to now take a step back to process everything around them and that they have experienced up to this point. It is always my appreciation that through these books the universe is ever-expanding to challenge the unknown. For this particular one-shot issue we dive into the mystery of the Engineers. I think more than anything else they are the biggest question to tackle. For everything else that you don’t understand, it all begins with what you don’t know about them. Now speaking of what we do know, this story takes leaps forward in overlooking the sense of discovery to understand what is simply a danger to their way of life. When all is said and done, the main consistency in this universe is that most things new try to kill.

For the approach to this story, I enjoy how even as we are anticipating the fight against this Engineer, there is still much more to this than that. We are progressing through two different points in time. One which is present, and the other a point in question that we are building upon from when the last issue ended. For what is going on picking up after Aliens Vs Predator: Life and Death #4, the suspense really sunk in as you were waiting for the worst from this Engineer. Just the first assumed conversation with this thing created panic when you knew just how things would end for that poor soul who thought there was some other way to handle things. The fight I will admit was a bit anti-climatic . There was a bit of expectation of more, though that could easily just be me getting used to the transition from such a big battle they walked away from previously.

As much as I do love this conclusion to the Life and Death series, there were a few things they did not manage to wrap up. One being how this certain group of characters ended up where they are separated. All we know is what we knew before this issue started. That somewhere out in space, three trapped humans seek to change the course of the Engineer’s ship. Nothing more or less in detail explaining how this came to be. The other thing is how open-ended this book leaves things with the others considering that it is unknown if anything after this Prometheus: Life and Death One-Shot will pick up from where they left off.

I’m sure that I’ve probably said it before, but I don’t think it has been more true that the art team of this book was perfect. Since the start of Life and Death they have been pushing boundaries in what can happen when Colonial Marines step up to the plate to tackle these creatures, They continue to do so here on two different fronts. Starting with the Colonial Marines taking on the Engineer. The fire from the Marines and few survivors made this thrilling. They could be broken at a time like this, but the way they just get into the moment to get the job done just pulls you right in. Some of them do manage to show some range in emotion to emphasize that human element, and that also sold you on the toll this has all still taken on them. For as much action a there has been, Brian Thies puts that much more detail and effort into these characters standing out on their own as individuals who all have something to offer. Now when it came to the Engineer himself, that was a sight to behold. The fear factor wasn’t just in the way this guy came at them with killer intent, it was in the way he looks. He looked like he came out of a fight with Galgo and Ahab, his face is torn up and there was no glimmer of hope there that he came looking for words rather than war.

On the flip side, they nailed the visual representation of exploration through these other three separated from the pack. We’ve been in that ship before, though this was the first time we were actually seeing some genuine culture or technological advancements captured throughout. It was here where Rain Beredo’s colors really shined. You can’t get into all of that properly without a colorist who has a handle on their blue tones and variations. Effects like that remind you of the kind of world you are stepping into compared to our own.

The end was to some extent satisfying, though not without some problems in wrapping this last installment up. The Prometheus: Life and Death One-Shot dared to ask questions which others were not bold enough to ask, and it takes us into battle where we do see what happens when capable people are put into what could be impossible odds. This creative team chose substance at the end and it was the smart move when this gave Life and Death the quality it needed to break from the mold of other stories in the AvP franchise.

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