Comic Book Review: Propeller #2


6d67cc0de46739409869fbdfd7d22e6bLate last year I raved about “Propeller”, a Comixology submit book by Ricardo Mo, Alberto Muriel, HdE and Rodolfo Reyes. “Propeller” asks the question, “what would you do with superpowers?”. It’s a question many creators have asked but this series answers it in a way that we really haven’t seen before and that is part of why this is such an exciting new series.

“Propeller” #2 finds Rex in an even worse situation than before. He’s stolen the money from the bank, has someone blackmailing him and now there’s a cop snooping around who isn’t ready to ease up until he knows the truth. His blackmailer is upping the ante a bit by putting Hudson’s life on the line.

“Propeller” #2 is an even more exciting issue than the first one for a bunch of reasons. Primarily the deep characterization of both Hudson and Rex through their friendship. Rex is a refreshing take on a super-powered character because he doesn’t truly fit into any one category. He’s not really a hero, not really a villain and not really an anti-hero. He’s very much a guy in a weird situation who’s main motivation is self-preservation (something his blackmailer so nicely mentions) and it’s still unclear how far he’s willing to go for that. What is certain is that he’s going to try and do this without the direct use of his powers and it adds another important layer to differentiating him from other super powered characters.

The friendship between Hudson and Rex is very important to this series. Hudson is very much the typical “good guy”. He wants Rex to do the right thing and in many ways, centers him. Hudson could easily come off as annoying but Mo position him as potentially the most important character in all of this. Batman has typically been reigned in by the “Bat family”. They help keep him on task and keep his humanity in check. He can easily abuse his money and strength and turn into something more sinister but the peripheral characters really bring him back down. Hudson holds similar power by not holding back in his criticism and he’s probably my favorite character at this point. Mo is doing an amazing job with building his protagonists.

Alberto Muriel continues to excel on art. “Propeller” has a bit of a noir vibe but never gets too dark. The first few pages standout the most. These pages are primarily the conversation between Rex and the police officer. There’s a great amount of movement in each panel and the detailing on the facial expressions sells the situation perfectly. Muriel knows these characters very well and it shows through the art. The black and white coloring works superbly because it adds a unique retro quality to the setting. There’s no wasted panel space and Muriel occasionally tries some new things with the layout.

“Propeller” is halfway over at this point but there’s still a lot of story to be told. I’m excited to see what comes next and how this all ends for Rex. You can buy both issue on Comixology for just ONE DOLLAR each issue. That’s a great deal for a very cool series that brings something new to the table when it comes to super powers.

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Propeller #2 adds an exciting extra obstacle for Rex but does even more amazing things when it comes to his relationship with Hudson. This is a can't miss series.

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