Comic Book Review: Rat Queens #10


‘The Colossal Magic Nothing’ has been one of the most mind-bottling story arcs of this series, and I have to say I quite enjoy it how this has turned out. It goes without saying that there was some rough patches once the reality wizard started playing a bigger role in this story, but as clarity took hold this became quite the experience of what these Rat Queens’ lives could be like without the influence of one another.

Going into this next chapter with a clear mind, there was so munch engaging about the role that the reality wizard has played in everyone’s lives. Knowing ahead of time that Betty would face the reality wizard alone, that left us with the question of what happened to Dee. The answer was just as heartbreaking as when the other Rat Queens faced down what plagued them. All of them were running from something, and the reality wizard preyed on this in the worst of ways. As far as character exploration and development goes, this has definitely been some of the strongest writing for the Queens. This was the perfect time to address how the past really has held back these characters in their present. I almost found it actually hilarious when it came to Betty’s deepest regret in contrast to the others. It was something you could only expect from her and that made it impossible to challenge why she of all people could have made it to this point.

Now Betty’s confrontation with the reality wizard was heartwarming in a way that she’s never been before. How this finally led us to Betty’s true origins before meeting the Rat Queens made everything worth it. Now it makes sense why she is on the run, and why any attention to who she used to be would be troublesome. To the same extent the same could be said for the reality wizard when it came down to understanding where he came from. His story was equally as tragic, giving all the fuel he needed for those who desire to know what drives this entity to do what he does.

Even with all that we already knew about this reality wizard, there was still one more thing to understand about his existence. The answer to that was clever since the beginning of these troubles started long ago. The time between issues probably made it easy to forget for some like myself, but at the end of the day it was good to know that everything connects in some way. Details matter, which proves that this story was well-thought out. Especially once we fully understand who the reality wizard is. I would call that a jaw-dropping discovery since it was the very last person you would expect to go parading around as this villainous figure for the sake of what seemed like personal desires to fulfill. I think my reaction was the same as Betty’s because the execution was so in your face.

Owen Gieni never ceases to astonish in his work for Rat Queens. For this issue in particular it was his focus on the characters themselves which stood out most. I was captivated by the emotion he brought out in Betty, and the nightmare he stirred out of the reality wizard. I was caught off guard by the demonic presence it is able to take, what he looked like under the hood, and what he really looked like once the act was dropped altogether. Said person behind this all looked badass as well. A perfect idea brought to life of what this character would look like in the future and embracing everything dark inside and out. Sometime to also appreciate about Gieni’s work is how well he accomplishes stacking different art styles on top of each other. He changes it so easy and it will always both fit the side story told and the tone which accompanies it. That truly is the perk of being the one-man artist for a book.

Rat Queens has always been a series where you expect a little humor, with some real moments thrown on top. However, issue #10 simply drops a bomb on our laps and walks away, quite literally. There is no preparing yourself for how stunning this story turned out once all cards were laid on the table and the mystery was put to rest. There wasn’t a lot that you could piece together, and that really left us at the edge of our seats till the very end.

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