Comic Book Review: Rat Queens #11


To me my Queens! That’s right, its new story arc time for these foul-mouthed mercenaries.While I loved what the last story arc blossomed into, I do have to admit I’m glad that all the mind-****ery is over and done with. Not that it ever ends there, but its nice to be able to start a new story where everyone is together and ready to tackle the next big threat.

The first scene of this issue was probably the most normal we have gotten out of these ladies, and the feeling was great, even if fleeting. Of course it is more exciting when they spring into action or find themselves faced with a strange development, but even now isn’t the time to overlook the moments where you can be reminded of who they are when something ridiculous isn’t happening. In this short time, I appreciated the small room given to reflection of recent events. It was nice to see how that arc actually affected some of them when it wasn’t entirely clear as to what we could say was real. Knowing that this is all things that actually happened, and events rewritten, made it easier to move forward to whatever this new story arc has in store for the Queens.

Now this “nearly forgotten former member” of the Rat Queens who arrives on their doorstep had me scratching my head a little. For a series like this, I almost did think for a second that I missed this character. Took a second to really take in the fact that this was entirely new material. With that said, this former member was interesting for the fact that from the start of her introductions, you could instantly see where she could have fit into the picture. She shared the same personality as some of them, the same use of foul language, and that goes for the same sexual drive too. Aside from the purpose she has in contrast to the rest of the Queens, she was no different from any of them which added to the entertainment in dialogue. Truthfully, the more she talked about where she cam from, and what she is capable of, the more I wanted to see all of that for myself.

What I liked most about this issue, is that everyone in some way was able to find their direction and sense of priority after everything they have been through so far. Some needs aligned, while a few others forced a split. Nothing you didn’t see coming, and luckily this isn’t one of those times where we have to fear being pulled in too many directions at once. Sadie’s request for help however took off very quickly. That surprised me a bit, but the pacing of things after their big conversation picked up in a big way to make up for the time spent explaining the new situation.

With time away from this series, the feeling was great to enjoy the artwork of Gieni once again. The consistency in quality from him has made this one of the better volumes of Rat Queens so far. I still remember the days when the Queens would wear their one attire, and that was it. Now we have reached a point where everything is unique and distinct about the way they dress and carry themselves. I liked how Hannah now lets her horns show fully, even having a new hair style to match. All of them had something different going on with their hair, and that was more bold. I even enjoyed the more subtle changes like seeing Orc Dave had put on some weight to reflect his current mood. When it came to this former Queen, her appearance was quite unique. To be half owl is interesting for the way that Gieni was able to bring out so much personality in the way that she engages with her eyes. Those eyes said so much that her mouth couldn’t. As for this new foe met at the end of this issue? The yellow-ish color overlay there was very cool because it isn’t often that you will get a horror vibe from this series.

Rat Queens #11 is the start to something wild unfolding for the Queens. This new mission of theirs will be a true test of their resolve to push forward when they have been put through trial after trial. Some heroes are forged in fire, and that defines these ladies in every accomplishment.

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