Comic Book Review: Rat Queens #11


Rat Queens #11It has been some time since the last issue since we’re changing artists again, but we all know what comes next, and that is worth the wait. The story we’ve been waiting to dive into when Hannah’s past is still very much a mystery. Especially after the reveal of what hides beneath those buns in her hair. It’s a new story arc and with that comes more adventure

What sets this story arc apart from the rest is the fact that this is that point in the series where they are traveling away from Palisade. This is not just another quest that they are being sent on where they’d be back by daybreak. It’s a change and what you expect from a fantasy series this far into its lifespan. There is much more to this world and we get to explore that from the very first page. The start was a bit rough considering where we ended with the past story arc. Rat Queens #11 puts us right into the adventure rather than starting us all the way at the beginning. Some might find that to be a favorable choice because again it has been some time since the last issue. We wouldn’t want to finally pick up the new issue and find ourselves having to exercise more patience to a developing plot.

The usual balance of action, humor, and small personal moments is still what makes Rat Queens a fun series. We have a new art team, though the story structure remains the same which is important going into the third volume. Things are just a bit more serious now that the stakes are a bit higher now that family is involved in conflict. It was better seeing how serious the rest of the Rat Queens took the situation Hannah finds herself in. Hanna likes to push people away, but the Rat Queens have proven time and time again that they are there for each other as friends. Makes it that much more impressive when they get themselves out of the position they found themselves in at the start of Rat Queens #11. That dynamic between them never fails to grab you for such different people who are yet brash, sarcastic and loyal.

Seeing Hannah’s father was a pleasant surprise. From the fear in Hannah’s eyes when she got that call from him, you were almost expecting him to be someone fearsome. Though shockingly that was not the case. If that distortion Hannah was tossed into before was true in the slightest bit since her mom is alive, she looks to take after her mom more. Which of course makes you anticipate her meeting up with these two again to really grasp the distinction between them.

It was only really getting to that twist with Betty that catches you off guard. You want to know where that leads to, but you also fear for the story branching out from the main storyline when we’re all deadset on this being Hannah-centered.

The new art team of Tess Fowler and Tamra Bonvillain is the next best team up you could ask for from Rat Queens. Hopefully this is also the last change because another change in style will just be too much unless it’s another special issue. Tess Fowler like the others brings something new and unique to the table for fans. Upchurch’s style was expressive, Sejic brought a touch of realism, and Fowler goes all in with detail and practicality. Each Rat Queen has taken some change in this story arc whether it’s Dee sporting a new set of armor or Violet growing out her beard. From just concept art we have seen from Fowler, she has no problem changing things up so that we aren’t looking at the same thing every issue. That gives us something to look forward to from someone who has also done her research to modify their outfits to something that still fits the period, yet stays true to who each are as individuals. In general Rat Queens has never looked better be it pencils or colors. The colors which might I say more than the other artists fits the time period most.

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Solid start that throws us straight into the adventure and takes some chances on twists we would not have expected this early.

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