Comic Book Review: Rat Queens #7


The Rat Queens are running into new dangers, up to the same shenanigans, and keeping things fresh with a new approach to adventuring in this new story arc. This book has its own brand of humor and takes us into some unique situations for a fantasy story. With the added question of this strange wizard that wishes to end the suffering of others, you have much more to look forward to as well. Well that on top of the cover for this issue that mysteriously has Dee of all people cut out of it.

This issue takes us into part of a story that we have been waiting to b told since the start of this new volume. While this new volume of Rat Queens was a soft relaunch of the series, that didn’t mean the world stopped turning from where the story last stopped. And with that said, there was even a gap in time between when the last volume ended and when this one began. Certain developments came up such as the chaotic state of Palisade, this new cult, and of course Orc Dave who is a shell of who he once was after so many losses. As easily as it was for the Rat Queens to move on from that disaster, that never meant that the same could be said for everyone else. It was gut-wrenching to see someone so shaken up by it and how it was hurting Violet just being there and not understanding how she can get through to someone so lost. When that moment of clarity hit towards the end, the wait for this scene was all worthwhile.

You do with that was the end of this emotional roller coaster for Violet, but the punches keep coming with a scene that sweeps you right off of your feet. Through her they are pushing some boundaries in how emotional this story can get.

Now the mystery of this cover didn’t take long to dive into, and I’m glad that wasn’t just a thing for the sake of style. The other loose end in this volume of Rat Queens is the origin of this Sky Watcher cult in Palisade. That’s not to say that there was a rush to figure this cult out and what fuels their belief, but it was appreciated when the time came for us to understand them and their connection to the attack on Palisade in the past.

A lot of dots started connecting here and in general it was nice to have one issue where for the most part we were in town to see what other changes this place had undergone over time. Having a lot of work to do felt like an understatement when this new development took shape. Well shape might be generous, but nonetheless this investigation the Queens took up was a great example of how not all changes are as they seem on the surface. We are introduced to some characters here who were pretty cool for the way they fight the usual stereotype that comes with who they are. Characters who you could only really meet like this under these circumstances.

Like any other issue before, Oweni Gieni knocks it out of the park through his creativity for this world and its characters. First off, the Queens having different changes in wardrobe is what you appreciate the most. They aren’t always in the same garb and gear. They adjust to the meeting, the mood, the setting, and the occasion. What they wear is as consistent as their actions. The new characters were unique as well. Not very often you will see a normal looking female Orc, or barkeeps who are dressed a bit more modern for that period of time. The monster that the Queens face off against showed just how crazy Oweni Gieni can get with things you won’t encounter ordinarily. This thing had so many human parts twisted and dis-configured that you couldn’t tell where one person ended and one person started. It was the emotional weight of the way he drew some of these characters during the more serious scenes that captivated most. To see some of them in such a vulnerable state made a big difference in engaging us in personal matters of the heart.

New characters, a mini quest with exploration, and plenty of revealing truths about things developing around our party of adventurers. Rat Queens #7 had a lot going for it that is both tying up loose ends while adding more potential to the storytelling at the same time. When all is said and done it really is just another day in Palisade.

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