Comic Book Review: Rat Queens #9


It has been one heck of a wait since the last issue of Rat Queens. If I’m correct, I would say that was February. So it was a good feeling when looking upon my pull-list and seeing that this wasn’t a case where the book went on another hiatus. I don’t think some of us could handle another one of those. Not right now when the plot is thickening surrounding this mysterious reality wizard. It was through the events of Rat Queens #8 that the ball truly got rolling for ‘The Colossal Magic Nothing’.

This was without a doubt one of the most obscure issues of Rat Queens in the series. Not one of those where you would instantly understand what was going on till the very end. And even then not all the pieces might fit together yet. Refreshing and creative considering the enemy at large deals in warping the reality of those around him by simply removing them from existence. So having that in mind, the story for the most part was something you enjoyed for the journey to the destination.

The description of this issue had some questions to ask, but so did I when there was so much more that would throw you for a loop at the start of this issue. So many events that happened a different way, a present unlike what was before, an assumed future that doesn’t quite add up either. It was as if stepping into a “What If” universe for the Rat Queens, minus the presence of Hannah. I must say, despite the confusion, it was cool being able to see some of these characters in a different light. To have this opportunity to see them under different circumstances is unique. The future specifically that they took us into was a point of interest for so much different about the Queens. Some of them still mean the world to each other, while others just couldn’t help giving in to true nature. The tension and troubles they found was unexpected considering the past they now lived instead. One might find it crazy how a few different outcomes could change them so drastically, but that was the case here and that one-eighty one took in particular was jaw-dropping. For said Queen, she fell to that old saying about it only taking one bad day.

Dee in particular was the Rat Queen who stood out the most when it seems her story was very much influenced by the changes around her. For others, their changes came naturally leading up to someone going missing, but Dee’s story took a big change from the start. It was very interesting since this was also a rare time to see some events from her past that you didn’t think could hold as much merit towards the future as it does now. Now it was a big plus that they finally continued to push the subplot that is Dee running away from her responsibility as a high priest. Which also includes the struggles she faces when believing in something that she now knows to be fake.

For this issue I would say that Gieni pulled off some of his best work creatively. It goes without saying that what makes him the most fitting of the artists who have tackled this story, is that he understands style and evolution. I mean the detail he consistently puts into their wardrobe is impressive, and no matter how they change, he keeps a consistent theme going on whether it is patterns or colors. I found it very believable the way each of them looked older. Each Queen pretty much taking on a trait about them that was ignored during their youth. That aside, the different forms of magic and action seen as well were appreciated. The action in particular when it wasn’t the boss battle you may have hoped for, but it was all the same intense in a Rat Queens kind of way. Gieni’s colors specifically were standout when he was able to do some things with Dee that she wouldn’t have done other different circumstances. Those purples and cold colors overall were quite stunning.

Again, Rat Queens #9 is a standout issue for everything about it that was not what we prepared for. Not after how many months waiting for the story to continue. Hitting us with this mind**** that still managed to be so engaging and captivating was a great accomplishment. Hopefully they deliver next issue when it is time to explain just what is going on in Palisade and why.

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