Comic Book Review: Redneck #2


Vampire fans alike I do hope were as satisfied as I was with the debut release of Redneck. As I said before, you can always find new ways to captivate readers when it comes to vampires and this creative team nailed it with this Southern/Gothic tale. The Bowmans are just another family trying to keep afloat in spite of the worst way to live your life. They have a code, and everything comes down to trusting that neither of them will jeopardize the life of everyone around them by going against it.

You really had to wonder what came next for this family when all hell broke loose that night. You were bracing for the worst that would come from the murder of their own. You can never be too happy at the sight they woke up to, though we still don’t know what is to be expected of this family when the gloves come off. Where Redneck continues to pull you in is that they are exploring that gray line where everything is not as straightforward as kill or not to kill. Plenty of popular vampires do find themselves riding that gray line, but most of them just so happen to stumble upon it over time. They don’t live there like this family does and still do when dealing with the murder of one of their own. It mattered that even in this moment we made our way across most of the family and those associated with them to see just where everyone’s head was at about this situation. Clearly not everyone would be on the same page, and that says a lot between age, experience, and understanding.

There was a very ominous atmosphere set in this issue. The first issue of Redneck felt all too normal for the most part because there wasn’t too much heavy talk of vampires till we were reaching an end of the issue. Here we know who and what this family is which makes you question about the part of their lives that isn’t so simple as living outside of town for everyone’s sake. Clearly this story takes place during a time when things begin to fall apart for the family. So that ominous feeling sinks in fast when bracing yourself for what will set off further bloodshed.

The plot here kept evolving from what happened that night. I know going into this issue I had my assumption as to what happened, but there was even more to it than what you thought. But even then I don’t think I have ever felt so thrilled when that this is the case. This was the first time when as the story said itself that you damn the facts, for whatever comes next is inevitable. All that panic was setting up for something, and though we may not get into the thick of it now, it makes you very anxious for that next issue.

Lisandro Estherren and Dee Cunniffe continue to impress as this issue it was a lot easier to see some of the gothic influence through their artwork. The characters more than anything else sold you on the panic we were supposed to be feeling after whatever happened that night. As I mentioned above, it mattered focusing on each of these characters and how this death affected them. You could see the sheer anger, the frustration, the fear, and even the indifference that in some way grabbed you more than the rest. All of the was captured through these characters and was a recipe for disaster when so many clashing mindsets would lead to the worst case scenario for whoever crossed this family. The overall darkness and dark colors were also a great help. I appreciate that Cunniffe doesn’t cut corners trying to make dark scenes bold or vibrant. There is an organic, yet bleak setting created which keeps you guessing when that moment of escalation might come. It also goes without saying that there is a smart use in red for the eyes when emphasizing the vampire side of this family coming out. They don’t force a transformation or the need to always how teeth, the eyes send a message enough which is strong.

As if I wasn’t already captivated by the first issue of Redneck, issue #2 justified everything that led you to putting this book on your pull-list. There were chills and they didn’t get this from cheap tricks and tactics, they did this by getting down to the nitty gritty about what it means to be a vampire.

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