Comic Book Review: Regression #3


Regression really grabs you with all the things you don’t know, the things you know will happen, and what happens when you are dealing with a human ticking bomb. You knew you would be disgusted by just the insects, but there’s so much more to fear, and more horror that this book taps into when sanity is tested.

Right now, things may not be fully understood three issues in, but this is a story where you get the most from your experience when you sit back and let it take you for a ride. At this point we do know more than Adrian, yet at the same time we still do not know much at all. Not a problem when every new experience for Adrian creates that much more interest in making sense of what these dark forces want from him. The madness creates its own entertainment when you are following Adrian’s descent into madness. What we do know is that the answers lie in the past, but they’ve taken a creative approach to this where the past and present are clashing. Especially when it comes to figuring out this Gregory character. We know he is crazy, we know he is a killer for what he did to Sid, but what we don’t know is exactly what connects him to Adrian. He very much remains a shroud of mystery even though we are learning a little bit at a time about him.

The police perspective on this does also create a tense atmosphere. Its one thing for Adrian to worry about all these people and things he’s not fully aware of. It’s another thing to also deal with the police who have no other reason than to connect these dots back to him. Not to mention Adrian’s lack of sanity does not give the best impression that he isn’t crazy enough to have murdered someone. Usually in these kinds of situation the cops may be the main characters, though it shakes things up enough for them to be more in the background trying to play a game of logic.

What do love about Regression most is how unpredictable this can be. One minute things can be calm, and boom they crank the dial to ten. That moment of escalation came out of nowhere because just as you were asking yourself what you thought were the right questions about Adrian’s current situation, suddenly it develops into something new entirely.

Regression visually is like a nightmare festering into your reality. If you were to ask me how I would describe this book, those are the words that come to mind because of this art team. Danny Luckert and Marie Enger continue to take us deeper into that madness of whatever past life it is Adrian is losing himself to. Before, you were definitely more focused on the human elements of the story, but this time around your attention shifts mainly to the supernatural. Especially in terms of these people associated to Gregory. It was good to see that it wasn’t just Gregory that is to be feared, it’s the company he keeps that can generate just as much fear. The sinister actions, the exposure mixed with insects that make you cringe the air of corruption with every interaction. I still like how they plant bugs in the most random places. They actually do serve as indicators that something just isn’t right about what’s going on in that scene. They characters don’t notice it, but we do and it makes us anxious for what comes next. Also there is the layout of the pages and panels which you begin to admire. It has somewhat of a gothic style to it if I may call it that, and that on top of the overlapping makes every transition look that much more appealing. I should also point out that it is nice to use the words supernatural and not have overpowering colors. They come off organic and that more than anything else creates the conflict of nightmare versus reality.

Well things went south pretty fast for Adrian. Regression #3 took some big steps forward this issue. Maybe not in us understanding just what the heck is going on, but they are captivating us with all the things you just couldn’t have seen coming when you flipped open that first page. I mean we know now for sure that Adrian is neither able to account for his own whereabouts or trust his own senses.This feels like something new and that is what we can do with more from horror comics out there.

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