Comic Book Review: Runaways #11


Last month’s issue was a whirlwind of emotions when this groups of misfits had to fight a girl who doesn’t age, combat relationship drama, and other things that challenge what could or should be normal about their every day lives by now. It’s a new chapter for the Runaways, and now is the time where they pick up the pieces again from their most recent disaster. Nothing too new for this family right?

It was inevitable that Gertrude would finally start questioning where she belonged in this world. She came back to life, she went through her phase of anger that she lost so much time, she eventually accepted that this is her new present, but there was a good pause for what was supposed to follow with room to forge a new path. This new chapter was the perfect time to address what this point in time also reflects about those like her who are one of many. Just another stereotype and phase. I quite enjoyed her transformation after coming to terms with who she was and what she wanted to be without the need to rebel.

Victor’s story so far has been heartbreaking. I’ve given them space to flesh out his story and what has happened to him after the events of “Vision”, and that patience was rewarded nicely with what unfolded this issue. With the pushback Victor has been giving about getting his body back, it was only a matter of time before someone pushed him far enough to express his disinterest in having a body capable of destruction. The over-enthusiasm of Chase and Doombot worked perfectly as they were more focused on fixing him than asking why he doesn’t want to be fixed. Nobody had prodded too strongly, so the reaction he gave them this time around was intense when silence could not protect him from change. The emotional response as a whole is admirable because Victor is not someone you are used to seeing so overcome with fear. This is only one of very few times where he has expressed himself this way.

I was only a bit disappointed that they mention Nico would wrestle with her own identity crisis, but that was not the case here. Not to mention the troubles with Karolina pretty much came and went like a wash. One can hope that given the look of the next issue cover, that means Nico will be up next for them to properly explore her problems. I’ve been giving space with that as well, but there’s only so long you can go without answers.

There was one point I wasn’t expecting here and overall I’m glad that the theme for this issue seems to be tying up loose ends. This development was redeemable considering there was one destination the Runaways never got around to and this cut straight to the chase about what happened to said person and why they aren’t with them by now.

As another emotional issue of Runaways, the art team sold us on every key moment that they needed to sell us on. One thing to appreciate about Anka’s pencils is the emphasis on extreme expressions. He doesn’t hold back when a character needs to show that they are angry or scared. The panic from Victor getting a new body was perfectly executed for the fact that you could see the wrinkles in his face which showed distress. The body looked sleek, and so did the guns, but none of that mattered more than to fuel his disdain about being anything more than a head right now. As a whole it was a great crisis shared between everyone who suffered in some way this issue. For Gert, I liked the feeling of loss they pulled off. Up to this point she has lost what makes her edgy or tense. This issue presented us with a version who sees herself looking into a crowd and seeing that she needed to become something new, something more her. The hair, glasses, clothing, that felt so much more unique to her. It wasn’t like looking at someone new, it was seeing what she was always going to become with a better perspective of what it means to change.

Runaways #11 hit a lot of key plot points here and that was a big accomplishment in such a short amount of time. With that said, there is still one more to get to, and I have my fingers crossed they will not delay with the next issue.

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