Comic Book Review: Runaways #13


The last issue of Runaways was nothing like how I expected things to go for this lot. They have a lot to still deal with, and yet they can somehow still find comfort and affection from one another to overcome obstacles. The only question left is, are we just seeing a band-aid slapped on bigger issues? You never know, and that is what keeps you invested from issue to issue. To find out just how wrong or right things can go for these youths.

That said, it seems the dead just doesn’t stay dead when it comes to the Runaways. Girt was a definite dead until they decided to change time for her, Victor you would have assumed died just because of the events from Vision alone, then you had Alex. The kid who died years back, got a second chance at life, but wasn’t entirely free from the devil who gave him that second chance. While that freedom isn’t entirely certain, he’s here, and you had to wonder what kind of reason he could have for showing his face again. I was pretty shocked by the reactions. Some were expected for those who followed the adventures of Nico and Chase in Avengers Undercover, for the one who knew him at his worst, and then you had the rest who had a little more time on their own to forget about “most” of the evil he did in the past. A very good mix of emotions, even if it pained you to see the way he threw himself into his original role for the sake of getting in good graces.

The start of the issue was very welcoming to those who needed the refresher on who Alex Wilder is. Straight to the point, and only told us what was needed to grasp him and where everyone stands with him. My only problem with this issue was that despite Alex coming back, there has still been little addressed about the experience of Nico and Chase from their time with Arcade and other villains. For anyone to understand their stance, one of them has to open up about that missing time and how Alex fit in there for them. At the very least, we did get a bigger push towards Nico’s problems with the staff. She is still withholding from fully expressing herself, and that sucks when we are so anxious to see how she will overcome the limitations of her powers. It’s not as if she didn’t at some point have an upgraded staff and “witch arm” that is now gone.

This major villain from Runaways past was one you couldn’t predict, but neither was what brought Alex to their door. That was a creative twist to throw their way since most readers would assume by now that there was little to nothing to worry about from that point in time where there was still a PRIDE.

Switching up the art team like this was a tough pill to swallow. Kris Anka, Matthew Wilson, and a few others have done great work with this series. It was hard to picture what it would look like with a different team tackling the interior artwork. While not as clean or colorful as those who came before, the change wasn’t bad. David Lafuente has a solid handle of what makes these characters unique, and does a very good job of making sure that they look their age. That last part is always the dealbreaker. Some artist can do kids/young adults, some just can’t find the distinction through their style. Fortunately not the case here. From there, there was the creation of this thing that was giving chase to Alex. For what this monster was, I liked the detail that went into its ferocity, the texture of its skin, and the appealing shades of purple that covered it. On the topic of colors, those were just as energetic. Not as vibrant and illuminating as Wilson’s colors, but they popped when it mattered.

Overall, Runaways #13 was full of surprises. Their lives continue to get more complicated with each passing day. Either because of the things they do, or the universe that just doesn’t seem to want to give them a break. When all is said and done, this series is fun for the fact that the Runaways spring into action no matter how crazy it gets.

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