Comic Book Review: Runaways #17


When this week came for Runaways #17, I couldn’t help but tell myself “About time!”. I enjoyed everything about those seven days that these misfits were given to decide if they wanted to fulfill the Pride’s deal with the Gibborim or fight, but it was still one heck of a wait to get to this point. With that said, last month’s issue was still appreciated for the holiday cheer they gave us, as well as the build-up for the big decision that these kids have to make about the fate of the world.

The only thing that caught me off guard was the focus on Alex Wilder that was both on the front cover of this issue and in the synopsis. If this was to be the issue where the biggest battle since their reunion took place, do we really think that he would drum up to be that much of a gamechanger? To some extent, it is hard to argue with the value that he does give to a group like this. After everything that they have been through up to this point, you would think they would be more willing to do what it takes to see the next day. Alex Wilder you have to give credit to because despite everything and dying, he still manages to be the one guy who is able to make the tough call. He could have easily gone to a new group of people to carry out the will of the Gibborim, but he came back to the ones he knew best.

It was interesting to see how everyone was able to get on the same page about the decision they needed to make. They all knew what they had to do, but some of them just needed to be bold enough to make the choice for themselves rather than be told by Alex. The first person wasn’t too much of a shocker. I actually enjoyed what led this character to taking that first step forward since she isn’t what you would call a powerplayer. She could have done a lot of things, and had a creative backdoor in mind, but saw that this wasn’t the time to run. Admirable, even if I did want to see the other option. Now what surprised me was how they came to the decision they made about dealing with the Gibborim. I felt like there was only one move they could really make, but everything came down to the execution of that plan. All of these things happened with pacing in mind and it all simply made sense. There was nothing left to distract them but themselves. I think we could all appreciate that the time for talking had passed.

The actual battle as it unfolded had a good twist to it. Not the kind that ultimately made too much of a difference, but just enough to stir up some courage that probably was not there at the start. I only found myself disappointed that all of it came and went pretty fast. Maybe there will be more to see in the next issue, but for this one I didn’t see much of anything that stood out for them as individuals.

Kria Anka and Matthew Wilson did do a great job on the interiors. If there’s one thing you can always count on, it’s that this art team will give us quality work. For this issue in particular I would say that the drawing of these characters stood out more than anything else. I enjoyed how expressive they were at a time like this. There wasn’t too much talking that needed to take place. At this point, they were each able to give each other the right look to say “This is what we’re doing”. Body language can say so much than words, and they found the right points to take advantage of that. There were some faces that I also enjoyed for the fact that it contradicted the seriousness of this moment. Most of them should be freaking out, and yet they both stood there and starred at the Gibborim with defiance written all over. Speaking of the Gibborim, this was the most active that we have seen them since their introduction. It made such a big difference to draw a line in the sand between their statue of parents and their confrontational attitudes, being kids and all.

I wish there was more that we could have gotten out of Runaways #17, but it did get us where we needed to be for this final confrontation. It all comes down to what these kids are willing to do in order to save the world and their lives. From the look of the next issue, what they do might be groundbreaking.

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