Comic Book Review: Runaways #18


While the big fight between the Runaways and the Gibborim was somewhat of a letdown, that didn’t mean that I was any less interested in seeing how this situation would end. This right here is their defining moment to show that maybe their lives aren’t that terrible if they can get out of this with their souls intact. As the conclusion to “That Was Yesterday”, there was definitely some big expectations from this creative team.

I felt like the wait for this story arc finale was worth it because of everything unconventional about the way that the Runaways saved the day. It was obvious that they were going to succeed at the end of the day, but the devil is in the details. Meaning how they saved the day, what they maybe had to give up to make that happen. Not to mention what state these kids would be left in when they very easily stir up their own brand of drama. Where we last left off, they were all pretty much beaten with Alex ready and willing to be the guy once again to make the hard call. It was any wonder how they would transition from there, but they made it work very well in terms of what needed to be done to create some opening to turn the tides. Honestly, I wasn’t all too surprised by the actions of Alex, but at this point in his life he is a creature of habit.

Who saved the day at the last-minute was a brilliant scene. If this group couldn’t overpower these godlings, there was very few other options they could turn to. So when a certain someone made the call, it was exciting to see it was the person you expected least to make a different in them succeeding or failing. If there was one thing they did not disappoint in, it was giving us another case of these kids escaping on pure luck.

The fallout from this confrontation was just as big as the battle itself. These are the times where you look forward to big changes both direct and indirect. Who they lost was a big shocker because it was pretty easy to play process of elimination in who had the most reason to stay with the group. Losing Alex again wasn’t a shock at all. However, the narration of the truth behind his return more than made up for this. It stung to realize that not everything was as it seemed about him, yet at the same time anyone would struggle giving second chances to a guy who has done so much wrong in his short life.

There was nothing too standout about the artwork this issue, so for the most part there was just an appreciation for the consistency of quality which has gone into this artwork. I was glad that for these last few issues they made it a point to keep the same artists onboard from start to finish for the story arc. Having Anka and Wilson together works for the fact that one of them hits all the right notes for a book involving kids who go through a lot of emotions, and the other produces an atmosphere welcoming to those many moods. I only wish there was a bit more room given for this art team to indulge in the kind of action the Runaways deliver. They tend to be flashy when they spring into action, and that is usually where Wilson does some of his best color work.  Hopefully the next story arc provides more opportunities.

Runaways #18 gave us a conclusion to “That Was Yesterday” which made everything shaky about this story memorable. There was a point where it seemed like this story was taking its time, and another point where you wished there was more to what some of them can do in this scenario, but ending things in a Runaway kind of way is a treat you can’t overlook. It really makes you wonder what could come next for these kids. How do you top fighting gods twice?

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