Comic Book Review: Runaways #2


That was a powerful first issue if I ever read one. This creative team dropped a bomb on our laps when they decided that the very first issue of us getting Runaways back we would get Gertrude back as well. We already have so many questions about what they’ve been up to all this time or if there’s even a possibility of them reuniting, and now there’s Gertrude returned to the land of the living who probably has just as many questions as us if not more. You can already tell this is going to be another roller coaster of emotions to brace yourself for.

What came next for these three was just as important as the act of saving Gert from death. Like I said, Gert returned to the land of the living creates a vacuum of questions to be asked, and emotions to be expressed towards current events. Every question and tantrum she threw felt more nostalgic than the last. You could feel in that moment what we were missing when she died. Someone who challenges everything, doesn’t take no for an answer, and damn well going to get an answer if she asks for one. It was a tough pill to swallow seeing her also forced to accept all that has changed. Everyone has gone their separate ways, some are damaged, one is dead. The biggest question with that said was what happened to the Runaways as a group initially. It was easy to forget the exact moment that everything fell apart, though the answer was pretty simple and to the point.

Whether we wanted to believe it or not, it was easy to tell what it would be like for Gert and Chase together again. There was no way that things could go back to how they were exactly, so the approach to the way these two now feel about each other made sense. Of course this is all now just from the shock and disappointment waking up two years later, so it would be nice to see how things develop over time.

I’m glad that in some way we were able to address that the events of Murderworld actually happened. It is a big thing to wonder what happened to her and that Witch Arm, not only just the arm but the upgrade to her staff in general that is now gone. The tension built off of her trying to avoid explaining what happened at least tells us that there will be a moment that we will know the full story.

Now these shadowy scientist watching them from a distance I’m sure have their importance as the story unfolds. It was the smart move that for now they are a tease when right now focusing on Gert is what grabs your attention most.

My feelings towards the artwork only improves through this second issue. Kris Anka has a solid vision for these characters and the world around them. First off, I loved the look for Nico who seems to embrace more of the witch look rather than just gothic. He shows that she has grown out of the stereotypical look for goth during that time before and moved on to something that meets you halfway between that and casual. When it came to Gert, I’m glad that there wasn’t anything tip-toed around when it came to her body. I feared she may be slimmed down or look different from the past. Luckily that was not the case as everything about her from her size to the looks she gives others was familiar. That piercing stare you just can’t get from any of the other kids. The emotion that you get out of them is what sticks out the most. Design and creativity aside, those strong expressions and body language add to what you are supposed to take from these scenes. The anger, the distance, the overall drama that sets in when they are all pretty much an emotional mess. Matthew Wilson’s colors really set the tone for this stage in the story. Sometimes you get so used to the colors he can create that you forget the way he can simply match the story and what you need to feel in that moment. You also take notice of how well his colors blend, particularly in terms of hair color and color of clothing.

Runaways #2 gave us as close of an answer as to if the Runaways could ever get back together. They all have their problems and a lot that they dealt with over the course of two years. All it took was getting back the one person who served as the reason they fell apart in the first place. A push was all they needed along with some tough love. Will it be enough? Who knows, but Runaways is all about the adventure.

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