Comic Book Review: Runaways #6


When the first issue came around, it was hard to predict what this story was leading to. There was no indication that the band was getting back together, but all of that seemed to fall upon the idea that they could find another common enemy. One who just so happened to be right under their noses. Convenient? Maybe, though seeing spring into action brought back memories of when they weren’t so broken.

It was heartwarming to have the band together under one roof. All of them sharing the same sentiment and without the pain of them realizing how much they have either suffered or grown since they disbanded. It was fun for the fact that this isn’t your average rescue mission. They’re going up against an old lady and her army of psychic cats. How exactly do you handle a situation like that? You’re not going to hurt the lady, and you’re definitely not going to injure a cat for taking orders. That obstacle kept things interesting since they had to think outside the box in this moment. Well they had to attempt to when every passing moment is a test for thee kids who can only have so much restraint after all the things that they have been through.

Among the Runaways, it is Molly who grabs your attention most because she is probably the only one who has not been messed up by her experience. She probably could have continued living a pretty good life if the others didn’t get themselves involved with her again. It was a big contrast to have her only now come to realize what her situation has been like. I still wouldn’t say she didn’t end up someplace nice, but she at least had the potential, and hope for something like that is special in the case of the Runaways.

Molly’s grandmother is an interesting character because for a while now I’ve been calling her a villain, but that doesn’t feel like the proper label for her. Maybe overprotective? She gets questionable when the matters involve using people as test subjects to research, but at the same time it has been hard to argue that she doesn’t have good intentions in mind. It only took on move on her part to try winning Molly back that changed everything. In this issue, we really did come to understand what it mean to be broken or too far gone. The kids aren’t alright, but Molly’s grandmother has some troubles of her own that manifested in one too many disturbing ways.

The only thing they did not do was much set-up for arc two. Clearly the band is back together, but what do they have to look forward to from here? And what is this danger that has been stalking the RUNAWAYS since Chase brought Gert back? Neither things were answered, though I suppose after everything that unfolds in this issue that can be overlooked for now. There’s only so much from a Marvel book that you would ever expect them to pack within one issue.

There was a lot to enjoy about the artwork from Kris Anka and Matt Wilson. For a book that you know can and will break your heart, it challenges you to do so while not being embraced by the energy from these characters. From that first page they set a good vibe from the way Chase made this his moment. This was the big scene that everyone has been waiting for, to have everyone together and the feeling be nostalgic. I mean his goofy expression, their reaction to his charisma, that was just the start of the entertainment value visually. Also getting the contrast from Molly was welcomed. Again she was living a good or decent life up to this point. It made a big difference to see that expression she carried as if everything was falling apart in front of her. To confront what she has tried to ignore about her grandmother? They nailed that cold look and much more when there were limited options to handling this situation. With that said, I also enjoyed how creative they got when the action began. Particularly when it came to the cats. The telepathic effect was stunning, especially when it came to the color choice. Matt Wilson probably has the most gorgeous use of pinks in comics in my opinion, and only further impress when he goes all out with the explosion of colors from those like Nico and Karolina.

With the conclusion of the first story arc, it is good to have the Runaways together for a second chance at freedom from their lives. Again there’s not much to anticipate from the next story arc beyond the reveal of this threat behind the scenes, and maybe finding out what happened to some others like Klara. However, not knowing what to expect should be good for the element of surprise considering it is anything goes right now.

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