Comic Book Review: Runaways #8


The first issue of the new story arc gave us a good taste of what’s to come from the rest of this series. With the band back together, the big question was where they go next. Some of them had one year too many between them and the others, one was dead, and the others are pretty broken. So this has been the best time to begin working on them as individuals and as a group or family so to speak. Especially when the first stage is adjustment.

The introduction of Julie Powers into the story was going to be inevitable, so I’m glad they wasted little time with her appearance considering Karolina’s place in this story is still in question. Her life isn’t too terrible aside from the trauma of their past adventures. The only current issue is how she fits in, and particularly with the air of awkwardness between herself and Nico who still has some feelings for her. Molly’s interaction with Julie was a treat since this was someone she admired. This was a moment to look forward to when the Power Pack poster was first spotted in her room. That was the most positive response to Julie we got, so there was a bit of disappointment that there wasn’t any mixed feelings like we thought we would see. On the bright side, we now know that Julie Power’s involvement is something that goes beyond one and done issues.

Molly and her mysterious bff has been a point of interest since the previous issue since there seems to be more than what is seen on the surface about Abigail. This issue jumps straight into the truth, and it started as shocking, then quickly got a bit creepy. I’m not going to lie, there was a creepy vibe from Abigail for a while since her introduction and now that feeling makes sense. Many things came to mind when considering how special Abigail could be, but nothing came close to what actually made her unique. The real wonder was what she had meant when she said Molly could be just like her forever.

Now the villain who attacks the hostel was not who you would have thought might be their first villain encounter back together. They said one of the Universe’s most fearsome super villains, and they were not kidding. They weren’t kidding either when saying that having an experienced hero on hand was something to be thankful for. Like I mentioned above, this is an adjustment period for the Runaways. Working together, shaking off the rust, being on the same page. All those things mattered when considering what may happen when crap hits the fan. Overall, I liked what transpired here for the fact that it brought us back to something that shouldn’t be overlooked too soon. Everyone here is pretty capable in battle, but not everyone is feeling so trapped by what they can do.

For this issue character expressions were crucial to nail and Kris Anka nailed it. Great work put into setting the mindset of Julie for this visit, the reveal of what makes Abigail so special, and pushing the fear one of our Runaways has of their power. Every key character moment was sold well enough to get the emotional impact of how their lives have been changing whether having to do with their move together or their personal affairs. It hit hard to see that Matt Wilson was not going to continue as the colorist for this book. There’s one colorist’s work you always appreciate having, and that was his. He could produce colors that some wish they could, and it add so much flavor to the artwork when your characters are extraordinary. With that said, our new colorist is Triona Farrell, who I must say filled in that void very well. She came with the same energy and boldness that breathed life into these characters and their world. The fight scene was where she did her best work between the light radiation from Karolina, rainbow trails from Julie, and everything else inbetween.

Runaways #8 took big steps forward when we are reminded that a quiet life is not the kind of life you live when you put these kids together. It did not take long at all for them to run into the next disaster, or better yet it didn’t take long for this disaster to come knocking at their door. While we know this villain to be the big bad, the question at the same time is if this is who we think we are actually dealing with. That is something to keep in mind till the next issue.

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