Comic Book Review: Runaways #9


Just another day in the life of a runaway. What’s normal to this group when there’s always the latest drama lurking around the corner, enemy, things from the past catching up with them inevitably. But that is why we love this story, because there is never a dull moment for all these lives that come clashing together. Especially with two years apart between most of them that comes with some extra baggage.

Honestly I can’t say that I was too surprised by the discovery of who the Runaways were actually dealing with. Part of you really would have wanted to assume that this was Doctor Doom, even though that was just not possible. For those up to date, Doctor Doom is one of the good guys now, he also doesn’t rely on the mask too much either, then you have the fact that there was a lot of energy thrown about and little magic involved in this assumed assault. So when the reveal came, I felt more at ease with what this actually turned out to be. Especially when there was a lack of attention given to what Victor was up to while he was separated from the group.

With that said, this was the perfect spark towards addressing the matter that is Victor’s repairs. We know where most of the Runaways’ heads are at, yet Victor has been a mystery. Well not too much if you consider how he became just a head in the first place. Nonetheless, he has some things to express about that unfortunate event and where that has left him mentally. That time may not be now, but its good to know they re not putting him on the backburner. Chase and said ally discussing Victor was a point of humor when this was a case where we could really see Case’s brain at work. Giving him more opportunities like this to prove that he is smarter than he lets on is welcoming. Especially if this is that point in time where he is beginning to take on more adult responsibilities.

Now this commotion about the fate of Julie Powers was something to see when the last thing we expect right now is to lose a character. A fate worse than death can mean a lot of things, and none of them good when it comes to Runaways. Till that time came, I enjoyed the exploration from Julie’s perspective. From the minute she was introduced to this group, she has been struggling with the acceptance that they are more of a family than a team. Not only this, but the things she wants to understand about this family as individuals yet can’t because Karolina is withholding. This was the perfect time to get into the fact that Karolina is very much damaged after everything she has been through. Others wear their problems on their sleeves, but she buries it all, and only seems to want to talk to her therapist (I would assume). That aside, this fate worse than death was not exaggerated. I’m glad that there wasn’t anything predictable about what happened despite what happened being tragic.

Molly contemplating this supernatural deal was quite chilling for a twist to Abigail. I mean who wouldn’t want to be young forever? Though at the age of thirteen? That is a bit troublesome if you ask me, particularly when Molly is a character who we have seen an adult version of. Heartbreaking would be the fear of not seeing the powerhouse she could become.

Lastly, the artwork was lively for what came next. That’s the one thing I like most about Kris Anka’s pencils and Triona’s colors. No matter how whimsical or dark things get, you aren’t left forgetting that these are younger characters that we are dealing with. I also love that there’s nothing too consistent with the way these characters dress themselves. The constantly changing clothing and hair styles is appreciated for the effort alone. Despite jumping between Matt Wilson and Triona Farrell, I’m glad that both of these artists have the same approach to colors. They both have the same depth and creativity to what they use. Particularly when those colors have a gradient to them or have brighter tones. There was nothing too flashy this issue, so it was for the most part the colors Triona could pull off to set a scene or create atmosphere.

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