Comic Book Review: Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #10


If anyone was wondering where the Go Go Power Rangers would fit into the Shattered Grid, issue #9 was a great entry-point for the younger team to experience what it is like to be hunted by Lord Drakkon and his allies. This new Ranger had some hype to live up to and so she did when seeing that there was much more to the forces that Drakkon had on hand than what we were seeing up to this point. This version of Kimberly was devout, and that is a dangerous tool.

What came next was a bit more of a slow crawl given what the Rangers have just been through. I wasn’t expecting the events of Shattered Grid to take over their lives completely, but I did expect that things would start moving faster. Especially when this very issue leads us to believe that the Ranger Slayer finally makes its presence known to shake things up. I liked that when it came to the grand entrance of the Ranger Slayer, they hit us with a situation with the Power Rangers that felt proper at this stage. There were plenty of things that didn’t make sense about the way they were able to spring into action in the show. As students, you only have so much wiggle room to handle both lives without struggle. The problem presented to them was a long time coming and added a great sense of urgency to what was unfolding around them.

Where the Ranger Slayer wasn’t involved, this chapter was for the most part a series of subplots put into motion. Billy having a moment to stand up for himself was powerful as a Ranger who has been in need of that confidence boost in contrast to the others. Jason dealing with his dad dying has been the first real problem we have experienced in one of their personal lives. It was cringeworthy in a good way because this was Jason’s time to realize just what limits there are to what they can do and “protect”. Someone had to get that reality check, and unfortunately it had to be Jason during a time where he felt powerless. Zordon’s explanation of the situation made some sense, but you could also see where some people might be angry with the things that are quite backwards about the way he works. Kim and Matt finally discussing his mental state after everything he had went through turned out to be the biggest shocker.

The name of the actual Zord was pretty cool, and even better than that was seeing that there was purpose to the unique composition of this one as well. It was one thing to have these different powers on hand, but the Ranger Slayer herself is someone who knows what’s coming and how to counter. Does so even better than Lord Drakkon which is what we also need to see if he isn’t going to be the only major foe encountered. The artwork for this issue was stunning, and only got better once everyone sprung into action. Once again I loved the little things they tossed in familiar about the Rangers’ transformations, special attacks, and so forth. Though what stood out most was how well Dan Mora continues to handle the emotional side of the Rangers in their personal lives. Really drove home the pressures they are feeling on their own through greater expression whether through face or body language. Even for one like Alpha who was very detail inside and out. This was also one of the more appealing issues for colors as well. Particular when it comes to the Gravezord. That is a wondrous creation that could only make sense in a crossover event like Shattered Grid. As a whole, this art team changed the tone completely as it came down to showing what made this Ranger Slayer dangerous. Not someone who pulls punches and crosses a line with a certain someone who they didn’t have a problem showing hurt.

Through the flashforwards of the future, we are still seeing a different version of this Kimberly that doesn’t quite click. One minute seeming as though she is helping the resistance against Lord Drakkon, but in the past almost about to kill her younger selves? Something doesn’t quite click there and the mystery they have created through this is cool. Lord Drakkon was someone easily figured out, but it makes a big difference to have those aligned with him who still have more to offer in character exploration.

Thing shave now gotten real. The stakes are real, no one is safe, and every action matters when these Power Rangers slowly getting sucked into the chaos that is Shattered Grid. Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #10 is the one you have been waiting for, and it did not disappoint for the action or reveal of the Ranger Slayer’s unique Zord.

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