Comic Book Review: Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #13


With the conclusion of Shattered Grid, it was up in the air as to where we would go next for Go Go Power Rangers. The big question for me was wondering how normal things would return for them considering that not everything went back to usual in the Mighty Morphin ongoing. It would be strange if that were not the case for the younger Rangers, but that is what we’re here to find out in this new story.

The approach to this new arc was interesting when you couldn’t quite figure out where they were picking up from. It certainly felt like things were back to normal, but what is normal honestly for the Power Rangers? At best it was a classic series of events for them. Fighting a new monster, putting a bit more energy into their fights, the cliche reaction from Rita and her cohorts. Aside from the creative new monster thrown at them, it was pretty much what you would have expected from their experience. Now speaking of experiences, things did shake up in terms of the personal things that some of the rangers deal with in their own lives. I enjoyed that this time around there was a stronger focus on Billy and Trini. Before this issue, there was plenty of story given to Jason and Kimberly in the respective aspects of their lives. So it was a good change of pace to see what others like Trini and Billy could deal with on their own. It was a bit more heartwarming on their end which I appreciated. There could have been drama, but it was more embracing normalcy in being their age and simply having parents.

Now that isn’t to say that there wasn’t something to follow for Jason. I think we all can take the time to recognize the consistency they have put into making sure there is a linear story for him and his familial troubles at home. That’s not something you touch upon once and walk away from. Not when the worst outcome is looming over Jason’s head. Other things were touched upon as well given the previous issue was a big one for a certain friend of the rangers. This was a good time to remember where things stood between them for better or for worse.

Rita’s new plan was pretty awesome for how daring she was this time around. With every new attack she continues to challenge what she is willing to do to get what she wants. For this plan, that involved doing something that she has never done in the series to my knowledge. That is how you shake things up. Where she goes to retrieve this artifact, who she takes with her, and the new dangers this introduces was well executed. The change of scenery for this place Rita goes to really is unlike any other atmosphere experienced so far.  That aside, it was interesting what small developments were unfolding with her henchmen. There was a lot of babbling between them, but being how they are it always leads to something. Especially when they are acting out of fear and self-preservation.

The artwork for this issue was bold and action packed.For a lot of this issue I would say that this art team had fun with the elements of the Power Rangers’ world that makes them action-packed and stylish. The poses, the splitting of pages to capture their transformations, weapon summons, all of it was right in your face and made you feel like you were watching the show. I especially liked the lettering as well. It was very distinct in this issue, and that also adds to the sense of excitement when they are leveling up. Now as I said above, I loved how there were so many new monsters and creatures to encounter in one issue. The design for each of them was unique, and that made a statement about the ambition of Rita in this plan of hers. I would say the colors were a real difference-maker in this issue as well. Whether they were capturing the flashier moments, or the darker moments, I think the selection used had a strong hand in dictating how we were feeling in those given scenes. This goes double for the place that Rita goes to retrieve her artifact. It was a natural scenery, but the darkness left you questioning what was lurking around the corner. Everything else about the location was a cosmic beauty. The one thing I did notice a bit in the early pages that was a bit off was that one of the rangers was looking a bit too young at first. It almost threw me for a loop, and maybe it was because of the perspective taken on drawing said ranger in action.

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #13 was definitely a good point to jump back into their story and how they can begin focusing on their problems again without the influence of Shattered Grid to steal their attention. The early days still hold their appeal when every new situation is a different experience from the last.

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