Comic Book Review: Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #16


Who would have thought that everything in this new story arc was leading to how Rita Repulsa acquired the Green Ranger power?! I think all of us can agree that it was always for the most part a mystery as to how she suddenly popped up with this power to create a force strong enough to give the Rangers a run for their money. Like I said last month, a huge treat to longtime fans. And as for new fans, a refreshing new relationship that could lead to a dynamic worthwhile.

The pacing took off in this issue and that was for the best. Once the suspense and thrill of Rita acquiring the Green Power Coin wore off, that was when the wheels had to start turning for this story to reach the end goal. In other words figuring out what Rita’s next step would be, and the Rangers in terms of getting back home. Little time was wasted getting to either, and I found that satisfying. For Trini and Jason, there was no better time for them to begin becoming more proactive in dealing with Rita and whatever she came to this planet in search for. As for the rest of the Rangers, this was the best time for them to figure out how to reach Trini and Jason before it was too late to help. The reaction alone for the rest of the Rangers was priceless for the way they took to their powers and suits switching up. Billy’s reaction more than most stood out because this was living the dream for a kid like him. Other than that, I think reversing Kimberley and Zack was a great choice in particular. Overall, they had fun, and that in turn helped us to better enjoy the battle that broke loose.

What turn of events that Rita found was very interesting for the fact that things were not as they seemed for even her. It seems that everyone was met with some sort of twist on this planet, which is in general great for keeping everyone on their toes. For everything that Rita goes through to retrieve and keep this Power Coin, I was impressed by the way this creative team once again showed us how powerful she can be in combat. Of course this still begs to question, why minions? Why monsters? Why the need for a Green Ranger when she has already prove to be quite capable against them and other forces on her own? Once you’ve gotten past these questions, nonetheless it was cool to have this consistent reminder as to how formidable she can be.

The flashback for Rita was mindblowing for how the power coin ended up in that temple. First of all, I think the costume she wore around that time was her best look. Second, it was very interesting to see who that person was wearing the Green Ranger armor. It could have been anyone, but who it turned out to be made sense for the kind of conquest that Rita was into during that time. Overall, I believe that story also cleared up a few things that were left up in the air about the origins of the Green Power Coin. Moments like this is what makes Go Go Power Rangers the book you shouldn’t sleep on.

This was definitely one of those issues where you could tell that the art team had fun in the work they put into the visuals. Everything about the interiors popped out from the color swapping, to the reactions, to everything badass about Rita Repulsa in action. Lets start with the Rangers. As I said above, the colors that they were switched to was very fitting for the personalities carried over. Of course Zack would enjoy being pink, of course Kimberley would see the irony in who she switched with, and of course Billy would be the one to marvel at the opportunity he was given. That gleam in his eyes was a nice touch as well. How they took this a step further was the choreography in the things the Rangers did with their weapons and combinations. Those little things carried over from the show make a big difference in engagement. As for Rita, what more can you say about this sorceress who prves time and time again why she is the baddest of them all. Her confidence, the way she fends off things that would put most down, even her choice of attire in the past all stood out in the best way.

It was fun when the Power Rangers switched up costumes and powers in Mighty Morphin, and the same could be said for the circumstances of this story arc. Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #16 shows us exactly why the Rangers in the present timeline would be so comfortable in changing colors. Aside from that? This is a piece to the origin of the Green Power Coin that is one for the history books. The early days are nothing to overlook when there’s so much depth to give to things that to some extent may have needed explanation.

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