Comic Book Review: Secret Weapons #4


Since the start of Secret Weapons, I have been floored by how captivating it can be to follow the lives of psiots who aren’t known and powerful like the rest. And it means a lot that this will be a group of psiots along with Livewire to find importance in the upcoming Harbinger Wars 2. Of course that does bring some expectation for these characters, but this creative team has been up to the challenge with every passing issue.

With Livewire finding herself caught, that felt like the bet way to start bringing this story to a close. Where it was no longer about being on the defensive, and more about how they put a stop to things once and for all. This was a great point for them to also get into who this Scavenger really is. We know h was some protocol left in place, but there still had to be more to the actions he’s taking now which are harming his own people. The truth did sting. This whole book never loses focus on the struggles of not being one of the power psiots. When you’re not one of them, you are prone to be taken away by H.A.R.D. Corps, the PRS, or The Scavenger for this mission he has taken up so passionately. Now as for Livewire, there was never a reason to love her more after her encounter with Scavenger. I think we all knew how this confrontation would end, but the question was how exactly. The one thing no one should ever do is calculate her limits, especially after her merging with the X-O Manowar armor. Even more than that, her intellect.

There’s one disappointment I always had with Valiant and this is the book that remedied that criticism. Unity was awesome, and Livewire was awesome as pretty much their leader. She is a born leader and I always hoped to see her fill in more of that role. This book took my hopes for her and made it a reality. This is how you lead people, get them to trust you, and help them to grow into what you know they can be with the proper guidance.

This was as well a big moment for the young psiots as well. Nikki always had confidence in what she can do, and quite literally commands it. The other two however have had a bumpy road to becoming comfortable and accepting of what they can do. This was the final test to show that together they can be a force to be reckoned with. One of them certainly proved this in a way you had been waiting for since he first showed signs of further potential in control. Their fight was as intense as you thought it might be. I mean why wouldn’t it be? The reality is that they aren’t untouchable, and they are still only human. They didn’t hold our hands here and that was what we needed to feel, the panic of them clearly being in over their heads. Their run-in with Rex-O could have gone any better, or ended any differently.

You couldn’t have asked for a better art team either. Since the first issue, Raul Allen and Patricia Martin have been perfect for Secret Weapons. I always admired the books Raul Allen took up because he always had a human touch to his art that matches the story. This book required that kind of vision where you have almost ordinary people, with what seems like in-extraordinary powers. Just that first scene with the young psiots proved so when you have them being guided by birds. One seems all too comfortable with this, while the other one can’t tell if this is really happening. The settings helped a lot too. It might all be shades of pink and blue, but you get the picture and they don’t skip a beat. For this very issue I really enjoyed the transition of scenes and panels. That and the layout of each page. They got very creative here and it gave you something different to soak in with the flip of a page. What seemed normal was instantly made a little more exciting just through difference in perspective. Then it also goes without saying how cool it was to see the way they all used their powers in new ways. Secret Weapons is all about showing that they aren’t just rejects, and visually we got the point.

What can I say after the events of Secret Weapons #4? I WANT MORE. I know that this will somehow connect them to Harbingers Wars 2, but I also want to see them take this to the next level through an eventual continuation which is the hope they gives us when they say Secret Weapons will return. You couldn’t have asked for a better cast of characters and the use of powers you don’t see every day. This sort of storytelling and creativeness is exactly what puts Valiant on top when it comes to quality of superhero books.

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