Comic Book Review: Shadowman #3


The enemies have been established, as well as the obstacles they will have to face if they want to stop them. Its good to see that early on they have made the statement that saving the world is going to be easier said than done for Jack and Alyssa. The twist however from the issue before left me conflicted with what comes next. With a story that has been straightforward so far, it almost felt too soon to put this distance between this duo again.

Despite this, Jack back in the one place he thought he’d left behind for good wasn’t a bad change of pace when we could see once again what goes through his mind when he thinks of what was lost in the Deadside. All that time, and control over himself. For as calm as Jack has been up to this point, it was only fitting that this would begin to mess with his mind. Regardless, I was more impressed with the growth they decided to capture through the next step in Jack’s journey. It made all the difference to show just how he has grown since breaking free of his Magpie persona. Since then and seeing his father again, Jack has without a doubt realized that there is nothing wrong that he doesn’t have the power to fix himself. Always easier said than done, but a big accomplishment when you are a walking time-bomb like the Jack we used to know.

As for Alyssa, overlooking the need to separate her from Jack again, it may have also been for the best. This was a great opportunity taken to explore the way her life had changed since Jack abandoned her those years ago. They could have just left it at Alyssa simply quitting and turning her back on the Abettor, but this was much more engaging considering how far she has come since then. There’s much more admiration to take in given the further independence she has maintained while the other Abettor still follow the same rules, and think the same way that they did before. The Abettor’s involvement as well was appreciated when this right here is probably the closest that we will get to a nostalgic feeling from before Jack’s departure in the past. Close is as good as you would get as well when you could see the difference in approach between them and Alyssa who has clearly spent a good amount of time studying up on her mambo. Right now I love how fearless she has become to be able to take charge, and take no questions about what she is willing to do to get the job done.

Now the expected confrontation with Baron Samedi did not disappoint one bit. I knew that this voodoo god was not one to be trifled with, but he turned out to be way more formidable than what was initially assumed. As far as villains go, he has great charisma and confidence in capabilities. You have to enjoy the way he isn’t so direct with his schemes as well. It never hurts to be left guessing than knowing what to brace for.

The visual appeal of this month’s issue lied with the unique exploration of the Deadside. There’s one place I never get tired of in the Valiant Universe and that is the Deadside because of the very idea that you never really see the same things twice in this place. An endless realm where you never quite see everything, and there’s always something more to what is seen on the surface. Where the Ziwanda took Jack initially was a creative destination, as well as where Jack went next in the New Orleans mirror in the Deadside. The house which Jack stepped into was the very definition of trippy for the structure of the interiors and the color choice in particular. Pretty much the  backwards horror show you would expect to walk into when the rules to the Deadside are tossed out the window. Exploring the home of Baron Samedi as well wasn’t something to overlook. Neither was the creativity that goes into the way Alyssa uses magic.

Shadowman #3 was one heck of a way to up the stakes in this confrontation with Baron Samedi. Standout character development, always appreciated world exploration of the Deadside, and it is a plus to never know what’s about to come next till it does. They take advantage of the things we can’t foresee, and that goes a long way in investment in this plot and anticipation for the issues to come.

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